My Cars (past and present)

Something that I don’t think that I’ve really talked about is my new car. I had been driving a 1992 Teal Geo Metro for the last 9 years before hand. Yes, the Metro was my first car, and probably the car that I will remember. The driver and front passenger seats were quite roomy for such a small car; the rear seats were another matter completely. With an estimated MPG of 45 city /55 highway, fuel was the one thing that I didn’t have to worry about. I converted the ashtray into a gas fund so when I drove one of my friends somewhere, they put their pocket change into the fund, which helped pay for gas. A lot of the time, I would drive on empty for a day or two before fueling up. One time I drove for a week on empty, not filling up until the last possible moment. There was only one instance that I ran out of gas, and I did it at a Nation’s Restaurant next to a 76 gas station.
The Metro served me well for those nine years. Being such a small car, it was often ridiculed by my friends and others. I remember when four guys picked up the Metro while I was in it and the car was still running. I was not amused. Kurt Wallner also like to break into it and move it, usually around the corner from where I worked at; so when I would come out I would think that it was stolen. Still I loved that car.
The Metro was also used for the occasional road trip. Usually trips were made either up to Davis or Sacramento or down to San Francisco. The San Francisco trips were some of the adventurous. With all of the steep hills located here, San Francisco is a challenge, esp for a beginning manual driver. Well, we had spent the day down at Fisherman’s Wharf and was headed home, and I somehow ended up on this really steep road (California, I think). I’m at a red light waiting for it to change when this Lincoln Town car pulls up right on my bumper; now I can’t roll back or I’ll hit this bastard on my tail. So the light turns green and I pull up the emergency brake and start gunning up the car. The Town car honks his horn wanting me to go. So I floor the gas and let go of the brakes. My little car shoots straight up into the air and hits the ground running. I could see the guy behind me with his jaw hitting the ground
However after 9 years and almost 200000 miles, time was catching up to the Metro. It seemed that every year, I was spending money on major servicing of the car. Weekly trips were also taking its toll on the car. So with some help in May, I went and purchased a Ford Focus ZX3.
The Focus is similar to the Metro, and yet it’s a step above. The sound system is def. an improvement over the 2 speaker, no radio, tape deck that was in the Metro. The engine is more powerful, so now I don’t have to get a flying start to get up some of the steeper hills. And air conditioning; not that I need air conditioning here in San Francisco. However, I spent too many summer in Vacaville with out A/C in the Metro to every get a car without it again.
The major problems that I am having with the car are getting used to car payments and insurance (am def. going to look around for cheaper insurance). Also the Focus doesn’t get good gas mileage compared to the Metro. I guess in today’s world of everybody driving SUV’s and minivans, 30MPG is really good, but I think it is crap. And then I found a website where people are suing Ford for problems with the 2000 and 2001 focuses. I did some research on the web and it seems that people either love the car or have had multiple problems and hate the car. No problems so far **crosses my fingers**
I haven’t done anything major to the car, mostly cause of lack of funds. I have the Jack ball on my antenna, that’s about it. I would like to modify it somehow; not “rice boy” it up or anything. Still, there are these headlights that I saw somewhere that would look cool. They also had a stick shift that lights ups. At the very least I need some new floor mats and maybe a bra for the front. Going back and forth on a whether to get a spoiler.
Although I miss the Metro, I am love with my new car. I have already given it its inaugural road trip this summer, which it passed with flying colors. I have less than 5000 miles on it; however, it is due for an oil change any day now. My biggest worry is whether I can keep the car or not. I am hopeful that my financial situation will change for the better. But if it doesn’t, I have thought about selling the car, or trading it in for something cheaper. That will be a last resort thing though; I honestly can’t imagine getting around without a car. Ugh, what a nightmare thought. Well, I plan on keeping the Focus for a long time and I hope it last as long as the Metro.
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