Daily Archives: November 5, 2002

Chicken & Herb Raviolli Chunk

Chicken & Herb Raviolli
Chunk Mushroom sauce
Peas and Carrots
4 biscuits
2 glasses of Appe Juice
Not bad for the only meal of the day. I know that eating only one time is probably not good for me, but I am feeling fine and I think that my body is finally getting used to it.
Couldn’t find my wallet though, so no exercise for me (no voting for me either.) I probably should be more worried about it, but I have no money in my bank account so, my check card is useless. Probably left it either in the car or in the work van.
Tomorrow I will def. goto the gym.
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Just talked to the asian

Just talked to the asian guy that works at the import place next door. He was in a neck brace and I asked him if he what happened. He was driving and he lost feelings in his hands and arms. The doctors think there is a disc or something in his neck.
That has me worried cause I have been feeling some pain in my hands too. No necessarily pain, but they are cold all the time. I have been having some neck soreness also and I know that is cause of the way that I sleep and use the computer.
**sigh** just another sign that my body is breaking down and I’m getting old.
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Yesterday Exercise

Treadmill for 30min. Weight loss course.
Planned on using machinces, but the gym was crowded. There were 5-7 people using the machines, and I didn’t want to try to get into the rotation that they had going on. Besides, I feel more confident when there aren’t that many people in the gym.
Food for today:
1 Vitamin
1 bite from rice krispy treat with chocolate
Bite from rice krispy treat should last me until I get home to cook dinner.
**sigh** I need to vote too.
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