Daily Archives: October 29, 2002

I still haven’t written in

I still haven’t written in my tygreyesjournal….
Bad Joe
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My Jewish roommate…. So, I

My Jewish roommate….
So, I not really masturbating, just kinda feeling myself. O. K., so I was thinking about it, when Mike knocks on the door.
So I take a sec to close the sites that I’m looking at and tell him to come in; he doesn’t answer, so I have to get up and open the door.
He comes in, BS for a min and then leaves.
If I was still at Onondaga, this would never have happened.
Justin might have been a little anal, quirky, but he wouldn’t bother me. Unless of course, we got into a conversation. Then I would be trapped for awhile.
**sigh** I’m sorry, I like Mike, he is a good guy. Just sometimes….he’s quirky too.
With the rent that I am paying now, I could almost pay for a 1 bedroom place. I would just have to add on the electricity bill. That is so not good.
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semi talking to my brother

semi talking to my brother online
semi talking has in I have seen him juggle 12 IM screens at one time, so who knows how many other people he is talking to online.
Can’t wait to goto WA state to see the family. Family offers me one of the few shelters of safety that I have. “Home is where the heart is.” A quote from somewhere; an anime of some kind, I think.
Speaking of thinking, I’m thinking about bailing out of going to the Castro for Halloween. After looking at my budget for the next 2 weeks, am not really in a mood to go party.
**looks at the DSL modem and wonders if I could go back to dial-up**
Anyway. THAT is def NOT going to happen; not if I can help it.
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I wonder I would handle

I wonder I would handle myself better or worse if I was still with Suzanne.
Need to call student loan place to see if I can get the date my payments are due pushed back a week
**sigh** If I didn’t realize it before, now I really need to find a 2nd job
That’s me realizing that AOL is going to take $23.90 for Suzanne’s account.
**sigh** Well I gave her until the end of the year. She hasn’t emailed me back or anything.
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Exercise: 30 mins on Precor

30 mins on Precor Machine; Weight Loss Setting
15 min on machines. (Need to find out names of machines)
1 PoorJoe Burrito (2 tortias, rice, cheese, and mild salsa)
1 bottle of water
1 Kit Kat
1 bowl of cereal (generic Smacks, 2% milk)
Weight using package scale @ work – 191lb.
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1 hostess doughnut (bleh) Current

1 hostess doughnut (bleh)
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2 blueberry eggo’s handful of

2 blueberry eggo’s
handful of Wendy’s Fries
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