Daily Archives: October 28, 2002

O.K. This journal is going

O.K. This journal is going to be my “writing” journal. I have decided that my writing skills have really degraded. So the plan is that ever entry in this journal must have a min of 500 words in it; a really easy beginning, I know. However, I want to start slow with this and then hopefully build it up. I was thinking of posting 2-3 times a week here and I guess I’ll post about anything.. The journal, I think that I will use for my diet/exercise journal. I’ll also start posting my Friday Five stuff here too.
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Getting some order to things

Finally getting some order to things in my life. At least one part of my life anyway. Using Live Journal for my exercise/diet journal and my “literary journal”. But this one will be the one with all the good stuff in it. All the personal angst, the crying over the ex girlfriend (that is still so hard for me to say), all the one night stands and sexual orgies that I will have (yeah right).
I wonder how long it will take for me to be found out?
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Food Comsuption for today

1 Strawberry Breakfast Bar
8-12 pretzels
1/2 bwol of soup (Chicken Brocolli,, and Cheese)
1 bowl of rice
1 bottle of water
1 bowl of cereal (generic Coco Puffs and Smacks with 2% Milk)
1 mini KitKat bar (two sticks instead of four)
No exercise
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Have decided to make this

Have decided to make this journal my exercise/diet journal. So I’ll be entering what I ate and how much, and what exercise I did that day. If you want more personal stuff, you can try either or one of my other journals.
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