Three Completely Different Horoscopes…

The first:
A secret around your house might get out today, and will produce hilarious results. If there have been secrets regarding a love interest, you can be sure many more people will soon know the intimate details.
The second:
Some things are never obsolete. Take back your time. Your mission is to personalize.
The third:
If you’ve been thinking about taking lessons in one of the fine arts, dear Taurus, this is the day to get serious. Your mind is in just the right space to give you just what you need to fine tune your skills. An e-mail message or phone call from a close friend or lover could come sometime during the day, and an emotional conversation could follow. In the evening: Go out and have some fun.
I wish they could make up their minds and agree; it would help me out a lot.
Also wish I could decide which journal I am going to keep?
The Giants had better win tonight.
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