So Cal Trip, part 1

So I took Friday entirely off so I could lounge around, finish my applications, and wait for Amber to show up. Did all of that and still managed to pack for the trip. Amber showed up around 2pm and we went over to Stonestowne to drop off my application for Borders and to have lunch at Boudin. Later we stopped at The Limited so Amber could do some shopping. I am so glad that I am not the only one that is going through shopping withdrawals (although we stopped at Nordstrom’s on our way out and there was a leather jacket that was calling to me).
It was after 4pm by then, so we got Mike to take us to Daly City BART station and we headed to The Embarcadero station to meet Amanda, and our timing at the station was perfect. Just as we were coming up to call Amanda; we saw her walking into the station with a beautiful bouquet of flowers for Mew. So we all boarded BART and headed to Oakland to catch our flight.
We breezed through the security checks and had about an hour wait for our flight. During that time, we got so many compliments about the flower arangement. And the scent of these flowers was so strong; at least 20×20 around us you could smell them. I love being at airports just to watch people. I think that I could spend the day at the airport, just looking at, listening to, and writing about all of the people that would pass me. I had kind of planned on doing something like that before 9/11, but now I’m sure that if I did something like that, security would come to take me away.
So we flew to So Cal on Jet Blue. OMG, Jet Blue is my new favorite airlines. First of all, none of that cow herding that you have to do when you fly Southwest; Assigned seats baby. They load the plane starting from the middle outward, and they load from the front and the back. So simple, yet so smart. The seats are leather and there is leg room so your legs don’t get cramped. But the best thing by far; DirecTV in every seat; Oh yeah baby. Granted there are only 24 channels, but still. The only thing that sucked on the flight is that I had to keep my window closed, so I couldn’t take pictures like I had wanted too.
So we land at the Long Beach Airport at 9:30ish. Through the window in front of me I got a glimpse of all the ships out in the harbour backed up cause of the strike two weeks ago. I wish I could have gotten a picture of it, has it was a sight to see. Anyway, the Long Beach Airport is like in the middle of the city I guess. This airport is OLD. Talking about going down the stairs and walking to the terminal. And the baggage claim area, once the entire luggage is unloaded off the plane, the conveyor belt just stops. Old School.
So Mew and her boyfriend Eric show up and we head out straight to the Oktoberfest festival. Mew got all of us some passes, but they had expired at 8pm, so we were going to try to use the “It’s Mew’s Birthday” plan to get in free. Well, after going to the wrong mall, we got to the place (We could tell by the picture of the giant breasts of the German beer girl) and there is a line that is longer than some of the lines at Disneyland. AND IT IS NOT MOVING. The bouncer at the gate said that it was a 20 min line, but I highly doubt that we would have got inside in 20min. So we decided to leave and to goto Huntington Beach to go bar hopping.
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