Daily Archives: September 16, 2002

Michael is bored and won’t

Michael is bored and won’t study.
He is driving me crazy.
I still feel stiff and sore, so I am going to sleep.
I have my hot chocolate w/choc. cherry liqueur.
Hackers is in the drive, ready to watch and fall asleep on.
blah. Manager’s meeting tomorrow. blah again
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Current music: Puff Daddy, Faith Evans, 112 – I’ll Be Missing You

I have just unleashed Mike

I have just unleashed Mike onto Match.com
May God have mercy on my soul.
At least I have some food in my stomach
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Current music: Radiohead – Optimistic

Maybe I should get her

Maybe I should get her this? I went to the local christian store and saw it there. Hmmm, I like Jars of Clay better, so I will give Amazon a couple more days. If it doesn’t ship by next week, then I’ll go with the Newsboys…
O.K. I gotta get off the computer and get something to eat…
Current mood: hungry
Current music: Jimi Hendrix Experience – House Burning Down

Shower helped me out a

Shower helped me out a bit, but food will make me feel better.
**sigh** I wish that I could watch T.V. and just veg out about now.
I think that I might crack open one of my unopened DVD’s
Armageddon, Hackers, or Pearl Harbor.
I’m thinking Hackers.
Also need to find out what is going on with B-Day present. Ordered it from Amazon, but they are taking forever with it.
Wonder if I can get it somewhere locally?
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Current music: Indigo Girls – You Left It Up To Me

So the sun has set

So the sun has set and I can fucking eat again. WHOOHOO….
Have decided that I will wait to hear from my brother and see if the computer up in Washington can run Windows XP. If it can, then I think that I will give it to them, otherwise I will sell it on Craigslist. I really should have got Office XP too so I could make some money off of it.
Did the training levels on MechCommander 2. Not sure if I am really going to be able to get into the game. Maybe should have got MechWarrior4, or like I said, Office XP.
O.K. Taking a shower and then making myself ALOT OF FOOD. O.K. Probably not, but I am toying with the idea of going to get a shake. Mmmmmmm…..shake…..
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Current music: Marilyn Manson – I Don’t Like The Drugs (But The Drugs Like Me)

Am home after an exhausting

Am home after an exhausting Monday. Gawd, I feel so run down, sore, and tired. When in the hell is the sun going down so I can end this fast and eat something. 😛
Starving sucks when you are not totally brokenhearted and depressed.
What else? Got my software today Windows XP Pro and Mechcommander 2. With the Windows XP, I want to install it on my computer and then give my Windows XP Home to my parents for their computer. Not sure if their computer is fast enough to run it though.
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Not doing good today. My

Not doing good today. My body feels so sore and I am so lethargic. It could be cause it’s monday, or it could be the fasting. Not sure but I wish I could snap out of it.
Also think that I’ve overestimated my earnings and don’t have as much money as I thought I did. Crap. I was really hoping that I would have some left over, even if it was just a little bit.
Hmmm, I wonder when sunset is tonight.
P.S. Happy Yom Kippur.
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