I have decided that I

I have decided that I love eating meat too much to give it up to be a vegetarian. I just realized today that I haven’t had any meat in my house for at least two weeks now. I think the reason why I hadn’t notice before is cause Tim and Mike at work had bought me lunch all last week, so I would have a sandwich or a burger. I haven’t had meat all of this week; maybe I can blame my moodiness on that. I swear, I don’t know how Ben did it and I don’t know how Mike does it. I was almost ready to bust open the emergency spam, but I found some lunchmeat in the back of the fridge. **Sigh** This weekend, when I go grocery shopping, I am just going to stock up on meat: chicken, pork, steaks, hamburger, hot dog, Italian sausage…O.K. maybe I’m not going to get that much meat. But their will be some meat in my fridge this weekend, mark my word.
Current mood: hungry
Current music: R.E.M. – Everybody Hurts