I had a dream that

I had a dream that I wrote a poem, but then Mike woke me up and now I can’t remember any of it (Mike talks/yells in his sleep and sometimes I can hear it from my room). All I remember was something about the ‘wetness down my face’ and ‘the salty taste of my tears.’ There was something about hair too.
Anyway, Mike is already gone; Today is Rosh Hashanah, so I’m assuming that he is at temple or maybe we went to his uncle’s house in Marin. All I remember is that the next Jewish holiday is the one that he has to fast. Maybe I’ll fast with him or goto temple with him, I’ve never been to a Jewish church before.
Playing with Windows Media Player 9. I like the fact that there are lots of options to it I mean you can enter all of this stuff about the song and the album. You can also enter the lyrics and synch the lyrics to the song. And you can rate the song, and make playlists based on those rankings. The main thing that is pissing me off about it right now is how much resources it takes. I don’t remember if the old one took as much, but this one def. is sucking some resources from the computer. The other thing is that it’s doing something with my internet connection; like the Media player is always trying to access and download info. I was just watching my modem light blink on and off like crazy. I turned off the download song info and that seemed to stop it.
So today, once I wake up again (I had some Eggo’s and a cup of hot chocolate, so I’m getting sleepy again), I need to head out to the library and find some more books to devour. Maybe I’ll hang out at the park or the beach and try to improve my photography skills.
Current mood: sleepy
Current music: Depeche Mode – A Question Of Lust