So the solution that Amber

So the solution that Amber P. and I came up with was that we need to stop looking outside and start looking inside. That basically means that we need to do a whole Bridget Jones/Janet from Singles thing and just work on discovering and being ourselves. The only pre-req was that we had to have somebody before New Years, cause being alone and unwanted on New Years sucks. This plan applied more to her than myself, but I can apply it to myself. Well, except the New Years part; it’s still too early in the planner to make a final decision, but right now, I’m thinking a jaunt up to Susanville to stay with Lesa and Kurt might be fun. I could hang out with Lesa and Kurt, play with Alyssa, and have Lesa’s mom feed me. But like I said, still too early to make any def. plans.
Think that I should have gone shopping this weekend for Xmas gifts at JCPennys. They had red tag sales on top of clearance sells. Oh well. Still, I should shop early. Of course, this would be a perfect opportunity to slip in a PS2 for myself. Tsk, Tsk…..I am so tricky sometimes….
So back to the “looking inside” thing. We really didn’t develop a roadmap or plan on how to do this. So, I guess I will just do what I always do, and just wander aimlessly with no goal in site…
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