In other news, still resisting

In other news, still resisting the urge to spend money that I don’t have on a PlayStation 2. It is so pitiful, that it is funny. And it’s not like I don’t have games that I could still play. I mean, I still need to finish GTA3. And I never did finish Star Craft. And don’t forget Civ III.
What else? Nothing else really to report. Think that I am going to give up on the biographies also. Just can’t get into them right now. Will probably head to the library this weekend to checkout another mountain load of books. Nothing in particular, I basically just walk around the entire library, picking out books by title and covers. Yes, I judge books by their covers; I should be ashamed of myself.
serraphSuzanne’s gift still hasn’t shipped yet. Grrrrrrr! Well, it does say the 10th. It had better ship then.
Oh yeah, any sugar-momma’s out there. In case you are reading this, BUY ME SOMETHING OFF OF MY AMAZON WISH LIST. O.K. So I don’t want a sugar momma to buy me anything. Maybe a milkshake, but that’s all.
Current mood: bored
Current music: George Michael, Elton John – Don’t Let The Sun Go Down On Me