Back home. It was good

Back home. It was good seeing Peter again and talking about stuff, he is still bookstore enuf that I could talk about all the stuff that is going on. Him and Tim have decided that I need to get a PS2 and Madden 2003; so right now I am resisting the urge to charge one on my JCPenneys card. If I did get one, then we could watch DVD’s on the TV downstairs. **sigh** Temptation is such an evil thing.
Anyway, Joe and his brother only had a couple of pieces up at Perry’s Joint. There was this one piece that Joe did that had Pac Man in it. But the drawing was a view from the inside of a sit down Pac Man machine looking up. I wish that I had brought my camera to take a picture of it.
So now I am home pondering on what to do now. I think that I am a little sad, cause Peter and Tim are hanging out with friends. They will probably drink and smoke a couple of bowls. I just wish that I could hang out with my friends like that, like I used too.
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