Daily Archives: September 3, 2002

Just finish talking to my

Just finish talking to my brother, giving him some computer advice.
I wish that I could afford to get the family a new computer. In a way they don’t need it, but then they do. I could get them one of those cheap Linux boxes that they sell at Wal-Mart and then put WinXP on it. Wonder if I could build one for cheaper. Wonder if I could build one at all. I think I can, but then I’m afraid that I would fuck it up badly somehow. Well, something to think about for Xmas anyway.
Gawd, it is so cold today. And the last two days before this, the weather was so hot. It’s crazy, I tell you. I guess I should get ready for an earthquake or something.
Quote of the night….
“Those Fucking Christians have it easy. They don’t have to starve themselves for a week or do any of the stuff I have to do”
Badly misquoted, but that was the gist of the quote from Mike. I think I am going to go with him to his temple sometime this month. Wonder what my parents would think if I became a Jew? Wonder what would think? Would that be good enough for her? Probably not. I would still be going to hell since I don’t accept Jesus has the Messiah. **sigh**
Back to reading the bible…And still resisting the urge to get a PS2. Even though payments would be low….grrrrrrrr
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So I installed the Jewish

So I installed the Jewish Calendar in Outlook so I could see all of the Jewish Holidays, so I would know when to give Mike a card or gift. He came in and we got into a discussion about Jews for Christ (that really set Mike off) and fasting (seems like he has to fast for every holiday) among other things. **sigh** Organized religion is such a funny, fucked up thing sometimes.
Meanwhile, I continue my reading of the Bible. And I still have to finish my biographies that I checked out from the library before the 9th.
And since I’m starting to dress up, it means that I need to do some laundry real soon
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Back home. It was good

Back home. It was good seeing Peter again and talking about stuff, he is still bookstore enuf that I could talk about all the stuff that is going on. Him and Tim have decided that I need to get a PS2 and Madden 2003; so right now I am resisting the urge to charge one on my JCPenneys card. If I did get one, then we could watch DVD’s on the TV downstairs. **sigh** Temptation is such an evil thing.
Anyway, Joe and his brother only had a couple of pieces up at Perry’s Joint. There was this one piece that Joe did that had Pac Man in it. But the drawing was a view from the inside of a sit down Pac Man machine looking up. I wish that I had brought my camera to take a picture of it.
So now I am home pondering on what to do now. I think that I am a little sad, cause Peter and Tim are hanging out with friends. They will probably drink and smoke a couple of bowls. I just wish that I could hang out with my friends like that, like I used too.
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Today just seemed like a

Today just seemed like a long day today, but I guess it went by quick. I don’t know.
Anyway, went to the “DMV” today for a couple of hours. It was fun.
What else? Waiting for Tim and Peter to show up. We are going to goto an Art Show that Joe Petche is putting on near the Fillmore. It’s free; good enuf for me.
**sigh** (insert being poor rant here)
Need to call the parents tomorrow. Haven’t talked to them in a while.
Oh yeah, got some free CD’s from those bastards @ Columbia House. Bruce Springsteen Greatest Hits and Prince- The Hits 1 & 2.
O.K. Going to go look for peter & tim
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