**sigh** Just got paid and

**sigh** Just got paid and it is already gone. Have to pay rent, put some gas in my car, do laundry, and buy some groceries. I will def. have to cancel the donation that I was suppose to make for the Police Rodeo thing. Can’t wait for the police harassment to commence.
I told myself that I wouldn’t bitch about money anymore cause I am the one who got myself into the place that I am. I knew that I would be buying a car sometime this year. And I should have thought about paying $925+utlis compared to paying $825 incl. utils. But I really wanted to get out of the situation with Justin and I thought that I could survive on a much lower budget than I was used too. So I am going to try to focus on not complaining about it much. I will have to just wait for six months when my review comes around. Even if I be a wuss and chicken out of asking for a higher raise, at least I will get a 5% bump, which will help me out. And then, next May, the lease will be up here and I can move into a place that I can better afford. I am still toying with getting a second job, but I really doubt that will happen.
Decided against reading the Elvis Bio, instead I am reading the vampire novel, A Feast In Exile. Not too far into it, but it is a good read so far. After I am done with this book, I will have to try and find the first book in this series. I should be reading The Bible and looking for faith and God, but I’m not. I should be reading the bible, but I’m not.
Current mood: have a headache
Current music: Record of the Lodoss War Vol. 3 – Rain Of Stars (Insrumental)