I am Joe running away from his ghosts…

Spent most of this beautiful Saturday at home working on the web site. Amazingly enough, I didn’t delete everything that I did; just most of it. At 4pm, I decided that I needed to get out the house. So I gathered some laundry and headed to Vacaville. Why Vacaville? Cause I had to stop by the bank to deposit all of the checks that I have (I really need to find a bank here in S.F.) Anyway, I took the LONG way; up Hwy 101 over the Golden Gate Bridge to Santa Rosa, then onto Hwy 37 to Sears Point, then 121 thru Napa and towards Lake Berryessa, cross the county line and then head into Vacaville via Pleasant Valley Road. So I get to the bank and there is this truck next to me. I glance over at the guy in the truck and I think that it was Chris Romo. I wasn’t sure cause he looked smaller (granted, the truck that he was in was huge). For some reason, I couldn’t face him and I fussed in my car until he left. I don’t know why I acted like that; Chris and I started at Baskin Robbins together and we were good friends. He was a good guy and a great partier; sorta like Mark in a way. So after that, I just got this chill down my back and just felt so uncomfortable being in the city. Maybe it was the heat playing with me (Not that it was hot in Vacaville, in was in the 80’s, compared to S.F. being in the 60’s) but I just had to get out Vacaville ASAP. So here I am back in the cold foggy arms of San Francisco.
So now that I have money in my account, tomorrow I can go grocery shopping, and do laundry. For tonight, I should clean my room, but I think that I will leave it a mess for one more night. Think that I am going to put some dance/techno music on the radio, curl up in my blankets, and read all night long.
Current mood: uncomfortable
Current music: Subsonic on the radio (LIVE 105)