I am Joe’s evening with his roommate…

Me, Mike, and his sister Lauren, headed out to Berkeley to have dinner @ Zachary’s Chicago Pizza. Talk about grubbing; that was some good stuff. We had a good time there, just talking and eating. While we were there, this gorgeous Brazilian chic walked by. She was just drop dead gorgeous. Mike was being sly about looking at her; I was just gawking and staring at her.
Anyway, after dinner, we headed back to the city to get some ice cream at Mitchell’s. OMG, that was some of the best ice cream that I have ever had. I have a Kahlua Cream Shake, and shared some of Mike’s Mocha Fudge. I wanted to get a 1/2 galleon to take home, but didn’t have the money. Also wanted to get a tub of avocado ice cream for Suzanne and her family since they like smashed bugs so much.
Maybe it was the Wyder’s Pear cider that I had mixed with the Kahlua in the ice cream, but I am tired and ready to goto sleep. Good thing I have a manager’s meeting tomorrow @ 10am so I can sleep in an extra hour (or make it to the meeting on time in my case.) Hopefully, the computer system will be back online and we can start to receive some of the stuff that we have been getting before it gets any more backed up.
Current mood: sleepy
Current music: Expose – I Specialize In Love (Remix)