I am Joe’s 4th vacation @ Suzanne’s house…

The 4th was pretty good. We climbed up on the Larson’s roof and watched the fireworks with Nacho. Right now, the topic of conversation is about weddings. I guess I have to learn to swing dance for Tess’s wedding (she is sending Suzanne a tape.) I sure that Amber could help me out.
**sigh** Have been having lots of wierd dreams lately. Not sure cause of the fast or what. **yawn** Suzanne and her sister are going to try on wedding dresses. THAT should be a fun experience. I am being totally cynical, oh well. Suzanne’s mom is planning her new kitchen; lots of tape measurements and mutterings about cabinets and stuff.
Need to call the brother at home to find out where is my grad present. Grrrr…. Also need to talk to him about Pump It Up and DDR for PC. **sigh** I really don’t have the momey for anything. I have been thinking about a 2nd job on weekday nights, but I think that I will wait until after my next check and see how much money I have left.
O.K. I shouldn’t tie up the phone line….
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