I am Joe’s bored Monday…

At work on a beautiful Monday; which means that it must be hot as hell in Antioch.
There is nothing to do here until the IS department gets everything set. So Tim and I are barely keeping ourselves entertained.
Thinking about leaving early just to get some things done. Like I need to get a tape of the graduation ceremony. Also need to get another card for dad and I need to mail everything off to Washington.
The web site is up with the pictures. Everything seems to be working so far. Hopefully, my friends will be able to see the pics with no problem.
Today, we are also suppose to be getting the sofa/couch that Mike’s mom got us. It will be nice to have something like that, but I really won’t use it until we get some T.V. going on. (either cable, sattelite, or even rabbit ears)
Am still semi-obsessing about Pump It Up. I have Beethoven Virus running in my head. I have to get either this game or DDR for PC. But I am kinda thinking that I should get this for my brother for his birthday. I’m also thinking that I shold skip this until Xmas and focus on Suzanne’s birthday, which is at the begining of September. And then I wonder if I can mke it to next payday without getting gas or buying food if I go online and buy the game now.
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