I am Joe’s review of Lilo & Stitch…

Although I didn’t go to the Pride Parade and events, I did managed to get out the house.
I was just lounging around in my room, being all depressed, and I decided to go for a walk. Ended up walking down Lake Merced for awhile. While I’m sure that the walk was good for me, it just made me realize just how out of shape I am. And then seeing all of the couples and families out and about didn’t really help my mood.
Eventually I got back home, took a shower, listen to my messages and headed up to Antioch to see the movie with Suzanne’sfamily. I should have realized that if it was a perfect day downtown for the parade, then it would be hot as hell in Antioch. So I decided to stop by Stone Cold Creamery for some ice cream. Of course the line was long, but I thought that I had it made when there was only a guy in front of me. However, things changed when he called his family on the cell phone and they all unloaded from their SUV and entered the store. BLAH!!!
Well, Suzanne left the ticket for me at the box office and I sat down during the previews. Anyway, Lilo and Stitch was a pretty good movie from Disney. It def. wasn’t one of their best movies, but it wasn’t horrible like Pocahontas or anything. It was kinda sad, cause I didn’t get to see it with Mew (who is Hawaiian), but overall, it was a good movie. OMG, no one can say anything about Disney chicks being thin and stick figured. And I’m sure Mew would have nice things to say about the guy in the movie. (I think his name was David). The Disney movie that I’m waiting for now isTreasure Planet which comes out in November.
So, I have a slight headache going on, but I am going to get in bed and continue to read Kissing In Manhattan by David Schickler. I really just want to veg. in front of a T. V., but we still have no bunny ears. I really need to go through the pile of paperwork next to my bed. I think that I will do that before I get too into my book.
Current mood: drained
Current music: Radiohead – You