Daily Archives: June 23, 2002

I am Joe’s 20GB of music

Woke up from my nap with the desire to copy music onto my MP3 player. Problem is that I have 20GB of mp3’s and wma’s and only 6GB on my MP3 player. So I am having a frustrating time trying to choose. Almost tempted to get a bigger HD for the player.
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I am Joe’s tired Sunday Ass…

Just got back from Antioch.Had lunch with Suzanne,Marty,and Jen@ Olive Garden. Good eatings yo.
Suzanne and Kimberleehad another one of their fights this morning. I feel like I am a kid and my mommy and daddy are fighting and are going to get a divorce. And it’s over the stupidest things. It’s like Suzanne is Israeland Kimberlee is Palestineand I’m the U.S. So I have to side with Suzanne (and for the most part she is usually right), but I wish that they would stop fighting and make peace.
Oh yeah, Suzanne is getting a new cat. Nachohas apparently escaped the house for the last time, so she is an outdoor cat. I wonder how long her web page will stay up before the new cat (official name is Myst) takes over.
Anyway, I left cause I have work to do here. I REALLY need to get the pictures from Susanville and the ball game up online. But that drive just exhausted me, so I think that I am going to take a nap first.
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I am Joe’s Midnight Drive….

Suzanne called.
We talked….
I cried a bit….
We talked some more….
Now I am on my way to see her.
That is all
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