Daily Archives: June 22, 2002

I am Joe’s cold Saturday night….

Finished Dungeon Siege. I guess it was all right; the ending was anticlimactic.
Have been spending the last hour trying to get the gel back into my wrist pad (I washed it cause it was filthy.) Not an easy task, I tell you.
My room is still cold. 🙁 Am thinking of turning the heat on. Mike is gone for the weekend, so I am all alone.
One cookie wasn’t enough to satisfied my hunger, and I broke down and got Carl’s Jr. **sigh** I am such a weak person. poop. But it was SO GOOD! Bacon Swiss Crispy Chicken Sandwich, Cris-cut fries, raspberry tea, and choc fudge pie. MMMMM!!!! Made the mistake of looking at the nutrition info on the chocolate pie; I don’t know how many calories you are suppose to have and all, but even I knew that the numbers for that slice of pie were bad. Lots of calories.
O. K. going to turn on the heat and continue to work on getting the gel back into it’s sleeve.
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I am the clean, 2nd floor of Joe’s house

Well, my room is completely clean and the hallway and the bathroom have been swept and wiped down. Thinking that I am going to go to the laundromat to wash the rest of my blankets so that I can store them in my closet. If the cleaners is still open, I think that I am going to drop off my suit and my down comforter. I need to eat before I go or I will succumb and spent money on food. And that would be bad.
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I am Joe’s Temptation to spend…

So I take a break from cleaning my room and for some reason, I check my Yahoo! e-mail. Now, my Yahoo! account is for all of my junk mail, so I only check it about once a month, just to make sure that I actually didn’t win anything from any contest that I entered. So there is an e-mail from Angie about this;a Gateway 31′ Destination Monitor. I don’t thing that Gateway even makes these anymore, but this was my ultimate dream back in the day. I remember once, Angie and I went to CompUSA and they had one of these on display. I just about creamed in my pants. I would also stop by the Gateway store just to look at it and drool about it. Me and my geek dreams, I know. So this is where I go out and buy shitloads of lottery tickets in hope that I win enough money to buy a 31″ monitor. **sigh** Could you imagine playing stuff on this baby. Not quite the 50+ inches that Suzanne’s friend, Jason has; but I would be quite satisfied with 31″.
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I am Joe’s surviving his roommate’s mom…

So I had just woken up when I saw Mike pull up with his mom (I guess he had tried calling me, but my cell had died.) So I hastily tried to clean up and put some clothes on so I could greet them. Mrs. Greenberg is quite a mother; not crazy like my mom or Suzanne’s, but still crazy. I guess that everybody’s parents drives them crazy to some extent. Anyway, we showed her the house and she showed pictures from her trip to Korea, which made me homesick. Don’t know if homesick is the word, but I would love to go back to Korea for a visit or something.
Found out that Michael’s grandfather was an artist and he did all of the pictures that Mike has. Also found out that Mrs. Greenberg expects her son to come back home after graduating from S. F. State. (very familiar). I can see how see could drive Mike crazy, but isn’t that the job of every mom?
So Mike goes of camping later today. Meanwhile, I think that I am going to jump back into the blankets for a bit cause I am cold. I’m hoping that leaving the computer on for awhile will warm up the room a bit. Was trying to read Jew vs. Jew, but it was too complex for me. I think that I need a Jew for dummies book first.
Anyway, after I get a bit warmed up, I will clean the entire house; I have a lot of thinking to do about the myself and my future and I should be able to work things out in my head while cleaning.
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I am Joe’s Lifestyle change

Making a live style change is never an easy thing. My lifestyle change (or one of them anyway) is that I need to live simpler, i.e. less spending, more saving. I have been wanting to go to Krispy Kreme for a week now and just gorge myself on doughnuts. Columbia House was a bad idea, has was shopping @ Walmartlast night. And then there is me eating out. blah….I’ve been able to cut back in spurts, but usually something will happen and I just start to spend. I really don’t have a choice, I guess, since next month the bills start coming in. I have a little money saved up, but it is eating a proverbial hole in the pocket. For example, there is this furniture clearance sale that happened today and continues tomorrow. I went looking for chairs (didn’t find any) and most of the stuff there was just junk. However, there was a Mahogany Queen Bed Frame for $188. It looks like a good deal (and sturdier than the stuff @ Ikea). The question is, do I really need a frame for my bed, or can I “live simply” without it. If I did get it, I would be raised up off the floor where it is warmer. I would also had room underneath my bed to organize my belongings (i.e. hide junk and dirty clothes). Or should I just comb craigslistor Ebayfor something cheaper not too dinged up. That is something that I will agonize and torture myself over tonight while I sleep.
Speaking of Ebay, I really need to make an auction for the stuff that I have. There is a Microsoft Phone, MS Sidewinder Joystick and Gamepad (both are the old, non-USB ones), and Mike has an old VCR. Maybe it would be better to put an ad in Craigslist? Something else to debate over.
I did find a furniture store on my way home today that have nice chairs for cheap. $26 for a nice, solid wooden chair. Will probably have to buy seat cushions for them but will tackle that problem later. Need to decide if I should buy 2 or 4. Honestly, Mike is probably the one who will use the table the most, has I am use to eating in my room. But if we have guess, then 4 chairs would be nice. Hmm. I will think about that too, but I believe that I will be getting 4 chairs…
Then there is Dad’s Father’s Day/Birthday present. I really want to get him a PalmPilot. But which one and how much will I pay. Have been so tempted to do this deal so that I can get one too. But the price is a little more than I want to pay. I’ll have to get something cheaper.
Then there is the family reunion next month. Flying there would cost me $250, which is really good. But do I spend the money or do I save it. I would really like to go and see my Dad’s side of the family. But can I really afford to go, or should I be saving up the money.
What else? Need to work on editing pictures from Susanville. Will just have the computer auto adjust the levels and contrast and fix red eye and blotches. That’s about the extent of my Photoshopexperience. Should also work on a design for a web site. I paid a shit load of money for space and I’ve barely touched it. Need to e-mail Dreamhostand downgrade my service.
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I am Joe the geek historian…

Just finished Apple:The Inside Story of Intrigue, Egomania, and Business Blunders. Not sure to believe everything that was written in the book (has a history graduate, I was taught how to trust only what you read from primary sources. But still, just the technological advances that Apple has accomplished. The Apple II and the Macintosh. Even their flops were revolutionary and ahead of their time (The Newton and the Quick take) and they are still an innovative company (the IMac, the Cube, and the IPod)). However, the best part of this book was the drama surrounding Apple and it’s leaders and managers and all of the missed opportunities that the company had. I recognized the “Apple Arrogance”; it is the same now has it was back then. Now I have to check out the Microsoft book and if I can rent a copy of Pirates of Silicon Valley. Maybe I am falling into a geek dream, but I would l love to work for Apple, just by reading this book. Sure it was stressful and everything, but these people believed in the dream that was Apple. True, they lost touch with reality cause of the dream, but….they believed in it; they breathed it and lived it. Maybe I’m just wishing for something to believe in. **sigh** Maybe I should start reading The Bible again.
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