So after laundry, I headed

So after laundry, I headed over the San Mateo bridge. Has I was ascending the bridge, I had a suicidal thought. I wondered if I would find happiness by jumping off the bridge or would there be regret. Probably regret.
Anyway, I did some window shopping @ Target and CompUSA. I got a wireless game pad so that I can play GTA3and I got this book on the history of Video and Computer Games (but I think that I am going to return it cause it is so much cheaper on Amazon.)
I was going to get the wireless keyboard, but I saw this guy getting one and his gut was just hanging over, big time. I just had to stop myself after that. And if I ever get like that, I hope my friends have the mercy and decency to shoot me out of my misery.
Called dad, but he’s out with my brother. Mom told me that my brother got fired from his job for drinking milk while on duty. Not sure if it was cause he didn’t pay for it or what. He was going to leave the job anyway, so no big deal. But I have a suspicion that they wanted to fire him so that he couldn’t collect unemployment. I’ll have to talk to him about it later.
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