I am Still Joe’s Trip – Part whatever…

So we leave Alyssa at Grandma’s and head back to Lesa’s. We call Gabi cause she is suppose to come up. She doesn’t get up until 11pm WITH Antonio, who I have never seen before. O. K. I have seen him before, but he has always been sleeping when I have come over. He def has the Barry charm and the Gabi temper. Oy Vey.
So there was lots of alcohol (just bottles and bottles of wine and other stuff), food (cheeses from around the world), games (played balderdash) and talked for hours. Conversations included all of us chipping in money to buy and refit a bus for us to use on trips, the sexual habits of married couples before having a child and after, and getting Kathy straight on who is with who and who is not talking to who.
Unfortunately, Antonio didn’t want to go to sleep until 3am. And then he woke up for awhile around 5am. But what really sucked was at 8am when Lesa’s mom came by to drop Alyssa off. **sigh** Not a good day for a hangover. Anyway, I left Sunday at 11am in hopes of beating traffic. No such luck, has I got stuck in traffic from Sacramento to Cordellia. But weirdly enough, traffic in the bay was light.
I totally chopped this up cause I am tired and I need to go to sleep. There were TONS of pictures taken, but I am waiting for Suzanne to touch them up before I post them. I did have a good time with them; has usual, they gave me good advice on the issues that I have with my life.
The other thing was that I had some weird ass dreams while I was up there. One involved me being hit in my new car by someone and rolling down a hill. Another one involved Suzanne fighting some bitch and totally fucking her up. But later, when she dropped me off at my car, the girl’s boyfriend came and shot me.
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