Daily Archives: June 7, 2002

I am Joe’s getaway weekend….

Off to the wilds of Susanville for a high school reunion/retreat. Susanville is in the middle of nowhere; any place in California that you have to drive to Reno first and then recross the state line to get to has to be considered the middle of nowhere. Girlfriend refuses to call in sick so I am going alone. It will be good to see the gang again and it will be one big drunken fest where all of our 20-something problems will be discussed and solved. One big Bridget Jones Diary, ya know.
Still I have stuff to do before hand. Need to return towels that I got yesterday (towels shed blue hairs ALL OVER the bathroom), need to get batteries for new MP3 gizmo, probably also get VHS tape so I can get graduation ceromonies taped (I wonder if they can put it on a DVD?). Car needs to get washed also (can’t show off dirty new car to friends). And maybe a side trip to Fry’s in Sacramento to buy Dance Dance Revolution for PC (Jason did lose a bit of weight from playing the game.)
Was also going to treat girlfriend to a picnic, but she never told me how to get to her job site. I think that she thought that I would be late. Oh well, her lost. Anyway, I should be back in town in time to take her to see the Ya-Ya Sisters. I hope it is a good movie; I kinda liked Steel Magnolias but Fried Green Tomatoes was just O.K. Anyway, I am running semi late (So I guess Suzanne was probably right).
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