I am Joe’s topic #1; April & Amazon

So there is so much that I should get out. First thing is that I have to thank April for my graduation/birthday present. She got me an Amazon gift certificate., although I almost wish that she would have just picked something off of my wishlist herself. I must have spent 2 hours last night trying to decide what I wanted to get off of my list. I kept on adding stuff and then going to checkout and then taking stuff off and starting over again. It was like I could either go for quantity, and get a buch of the cheap stuff on my list; or go quality, and get one expensive gift. I finally chose quantity over quality and got a bunch of stuff . What I did was mach the amount of the gift certificate, so I basicly did a half off thing. So thank you April very, very much.
Somebody else also got me some stuff from my wishlist, but I don’t know who it was. So to the mysterious person, thank you for the Harry Potter stuff.
The thing I kinda regret about my list is the stuff that I can’t get anymore. Like the Cowboy Bebop box set. I could have ordered it when it came out, but I didn’t. Now it is sold out and people are selling it for $400+. Ouch. It is touch for me to be thrifty and not buy the stuff that I want, but it’s something that needs to be done. **sigh**
April is also cool cause she is the first person to txt message me on my cell phone. I know, big whoop. But I like simple things like that, and I was very excited getting my first txt message. I wish I could figure out how to set it up to use AIM.
Also been thinking about getting new icons and user pics. The idea is to have other people make them for me, like a guest photographer thing or something. Anyway, I would love April to take pictures of me and make me some new userpics. Will have to talk to her about that.
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