I am Joe’s #2 topic; Angie and Computer games

I also have to thank Angie for graduation/birthday gifts. She took me out to dinner, got me GTA3 (Grand Theft Auto 3) and made me this cool money lai (sp?) for graduation. You can see the lai in the graduation pictures that I took (www.tygreyes.com Yeah, I graduated in case you didn’t know.) GTA3 is a great game,except that you have to have a gamepad to play it. Playing it with the keyboard/mouse just sucks. I have a old MS Gamepad some where, but I was planning on selling it on Ebay or something. The dream is to have a completely wireless computer system, but that is another rant. The cool thing with the money lai is that she only made two of them, one for me and one for her cousin. So I’m sitting down and I see this girl in front of me and she has the same lai. What were the odds that out of the 7000+ people graduating, that we would see each other?
Angie is a long time friend since working at the bookstore @ Solano. We are both “older” college students and have taken a slightly longer path to graduating from college (she graduated last year.) i love getting together with her for drinks and dinner. Since we both work for the school, we can talk about the gossip going on in the differen departments. And since she has worked for a college bookstore, I can talk shop to her and she knows exactely what I’m talking about. We usually go out every couple of months to Chevys, Applebee’s, or somewhere like that for drinks and then afterwards, we always end up shopping @ Target. It’s just always good times with her.
So while I got GTA# and have played it, my biggest new addiction is Dungeon Siege. I am really hooked on the game. It has a Diablo feel to it and the game just looks gorgeous. There are places where the scenery has just hypnotise me. Mike thinks that I’m crazy cause all he hears is the screams of the monsters that I kill. It’s a good thing that I gave Diablo II and Everquest to Suzanne. My goal is to either beat all of the games I have or at least get 2/3 done. How do I know if I’m 2/3 done? For a game like Serious Sam, there is a map showing your progress and so I knew that I was almost done with the game. With other games, I usually go online and check out a walkthru on gamefaqs.com Most of them come with a table of contents so I can just look at that and see how much further I have to go without looking at any hints or anything.
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