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I am Joe’s review of Lilo & Stitch…

Although I didn’t go to the Pride Parade and events, I did managed to get out the house.
I was just lounging around in my room, being all depressed, and I decided to go for a walk. Ended up walking down Lake Merced for awhile. While I’m sure that the walk was good for me, it just made me realize just how out of shape I am. And then seeing all of the couples and families out and about didn’t really help my mood.
Eventually I got back home, took a shower, listen to my messages and headed up to Antioch to see the movie with Suzanne’sfamily. I should have realized that if it was a perfect day downtown for the parade, then it would be hot as hell in Antioch. So I decided to stop by Stone Cold Creamery for some ice cream. Of course the line was long, but I thought that I had it made when there was only a guy in front of me. However, things changed when he called his family on the cell phone and they all unloaded from their SUV and entered the store. BLAH!!!
Well, Suzanne left the ticket for me at the box office and I sat down during the previews. Anyway, Lilo and Stitch was a pretty good movie from Disney. It def. wasn’t one of their best movies, but it wasn’t horrible like Pocahontas or anything. It was kinda sad, cause I didn’t get to see it with Mew (who is Hawaiian), but overall, it was a good movie. OMG, no one can say anything about Disney chicks being thin and stick figured. And I’m sure Mew would have nice things to say about the guy in the movie. (I think his name was David). The Disney movie that I’m waiting for now isTreasure Planet which comes out in November.
So, I have a slight headache going on, but I am going to get in bed and continue to read Kissing In Manhattan by David Schickler. I really just want to veg. in front of a T. V., but we still have no bunny ears. I really need to go through the pile of paperwork next to my bed. I think that I will do that before I get too into my book.
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I am Joe DDR obsession….

So, I’m cruising the net and I find this site,which sells DDR stuff and this other game called Pump It Up. I goto their site and they have a demo for their game. An hour later I am finally pulling myself away from the computer. Can’t believe I spent an hour playing this game with the number pad of all things.
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I am the apathetic tears falling off of my face

I had been wanting to cry since last night; it finally took to reading Finding Forrester to get the waterworks flowing. That in itself is sad, cause the book really isn’t that good. There seems to be so much missing from the story. However, the ending was sappy enough for me to shed a tear or two, and that was enough to get the rest of the tears out.
Even though I was crying in my bed, the tears that I cried were meaningless to me. There was no meaning or emotion behind the tears that I cried. A part of me tried half heartily to associate some emotion with the tears, to no avail. It was like the tears were just part of some sick routine that I was performing. And I guess they were; it seems that everything that I do is just some sort of sick and tired routine that I am curse to follow until the end of time, like a cursed Sisyphus,forever trying to push a boulder uphill in Hades.
I had planned on going to the Pride Parade today and just hang out downtown. I was hoping Brent would call so I would have somebody to go with, but he hasn’t called. And I really don’t want to go by myself. While it would be nice to be at a place where people would accept me just the way that I am, I just feel like staying in the safety of my house which needs to be cleaned. Like an alchemist searching for a sorcerer’s stone, I clean my room and my house in hopes that I will uncover the secrets of life or at the very least find some measure of happiness
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I am Joe’s Dad’s birthday gift…

Went ahead and got dad a Handspring Visor Edge for his birthday today. Need to mail it off to him Friday when I go get money orders for the rent.
Also picked up my chairs. They look nice and are sturdy enough I guess. But I will def. need to get some seat cushions for them. Maybe I’m just not use to them, since I have usually eaten my meals in my bed. That’s something that I have to stop doing (too many crumbs in the bed.)
Also broke down and got the 3rd Harry Potter book. I am not ashaimed to admit that I am hooked. Suzanne might call me wierd and a sellout, but I’m sorry, the series is a good read.
Am about to jump into bed now. Inventory is this Saturday, and I have to start waking up earlier. I have to be at the warehouse before 8am. Poop.
Nothing really earth-shattering today. I still love my girlfriend. I still love my family. I still love my new car. I still love my new place. I still love my friends.
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I am Joe’s crazy phone call…

So I get a call from the lady at the place where I got the chairs. I think that I have to go and pick them up at the store tomorrow. I think.
Suzanne is at a secret union meeting. Something about off’ing some of the city leaders cause they want a cut of the profits, or something like that.
I am sleepy and am going to take a nap
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In other news, I didn’t

In other news, I didn’t get my chairs today. They were supposed to be delivered by 3pm today, but I just called and the lady told me that they were busy and that she would try tomorrow and then hung up on me. I’m never going to get my chairs.
Called Columbia House and they combined my member info, but they sid that I have to buy 6 CD’s now in two years. I need to go home and find the original letter with the details of the special on it.
Also need to order Dad’s PDA. Still am super-tempted to get the buy one, get one free deal. But I really have no use for a PDA; it would just be another cool geek toy. So I am going to get Dad one of the low end Palms, probably the m105. I think that I will drive to Best Buy or Fry’s to take a look at all of them before I order anything.
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I am Joe’s need to loose 20 pounds…

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I am Joe’s knowledge of songs…

A couple of months ago, Tim gave me a CD of songs from this band called Me First and the Gimmie Gimmes. They are a punk band that does covers of songs and punk them up a bit. Some of the songs I knew right off the bat. Others, I had to go online to find the title by punching in parts of the lyrics in Google.
Got tired of waiting for the girlfriendto call, so I called. Like me she is tired; she was already in bed when I called. **yawn** Now that I know she is in bed, I can goto bed.
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CHP unveils low-profile Camaros

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I amJoe’s accomplished Monday afternoon…

Well, we are almost ready for inventory on Sat. Tim and I busted ass today and got most of the gift department precounted. With Mark here tomorrow, we should be able to get everythng done.
I am so tired though. It took forever for me to try to edit pictures last night. And I really didn’t do much except let Photoshop auto-adjust levels and some cropping. I was able to take out some blemishes and stuff, but I totally forgot to takeout the redeye in alot of the pictures. And then it seemed to take forever to post everything to my site. Then I looked at the site today, and the navigation doesn’t work cause it is a Frontpage extension thing and my site is on a non extension server. And then I forgot to change the target frame for something, so it is kinda messed up. I swear it wasn’t doing this when I tested it last night. Well, I will work on it when I get home. I def. need to get some sleep tonight; no getting sucked into Harry Potter @ 3am in the morning. Oy Vey. I also need to clean the dishes in the sink. And then there is also my MP3 player. Sometimes I wish that I would have waited for the new Jukebox to come out; it has firewire and a bigger hd. It would have made it muh easier to download my music. What else? Oh yeah, I better go to the cheap furniture store and order those chairs for the kitchen table.
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