I am Joe’s Friday night break…

Well, you’re a slacker. Your greatest joy in life is sleeping, and you try to avoid doing work as much as possible. Others are envious of your talent for skating through life doing only half as much real, actual work as everyone else. You’re an expert at talking teachers or bosses out of reprimanding you for your apparent lack of effort. On the upside, you won’t have to worry about things like repetitive stress disorder or high blood pressure. Your life expectancy is probably pretty high due to this, not that you’ll actually accomplish anything, you damn leech.

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Taking a break from cleaning my room. Today, I was finally able to get my new bookcase up to my room (with Mike’s help) and I love it. It is filled up with all of my books. I almost need a second one; I will probably look around craigslist for one. Spent the last 30-45 min repacking my CD cases and putting the cover books back into the correct CD. So exciting, I know. But oddly enough, I feel pretty good.
Not sure why I am even posting right now. Having a major issue over whether I even want this journal anymore. I am just hung up on the whole censoring issue, as usual. Anyway, maybe later, I’ll go into a rant about it. Right now, I think that I will call Suzanne.
Current mood: accomplished
Current music: Fiona Apple – Slow Like Honey