I am Joe’s late night rantings….

– I am so pissed at missing the season finale of Buffy The Vampire Slayer. I tried to use the T. V. at the Park Merced Rec Center, but I couldn’t get it to work. And reading about it in the Buffy journals is just making me sad…
Went out with Angie tonight (before Buffy was on). She took me out to dinner and then bought me GTA3 for a birthday present. She also made me a lei to wear for graduation.
Confession. I have not finished all of the graduation announcements that I need to send out. I got the original 25 out, but there are at least 5-10 more that I need to do.
Talked to Suzanne tonight and we discussed me always cleaning my room. Basicly she stated something that I have stated before, that my room is a reflection of how I see my life, which is a huge mess. But instead of cleaning it up and finding permanent solutions, I tend to just move things around and to hide things. Not a good thing.
I don’t think that I posted anything about the Dave Matthews concert on Sat. I figure that you can pop over to Suzanne’s journal to get the review on that and see some pics. One thing that did happen is that I got pissed of at her. It is a well known fact that I am probably the only black person in the world with no rhythm. Anyway, I am bobbing to the music and Suzanne starts laughing at me and makes a crack about it. For some reason, it pissed me off more than it should. And I was kinda pissed at her for most of the concert. But come on, it’s Dave. How can you be mad with the love of your live at a Dave Matthews Band concert? **sigh** Just another up and down on the roller coaster of our relationship.
Still haven’t decided on a hairstyle for graduation…
I’ve started looking for accessories for my Focus….
I am trying to make myself cry by listening to sad songs. Not working too well though.
I need to goto sleep
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