I am Joe’s day off….

Spent most of the morning at my car insurance office trying to get insurance. I just decided to stick with them cause I wouldn’t have to make a down payment. Right now it is at $220, but that includes the Metro and the Focus (A misunderstanding between me and the insurance guy.) When the Metro gets taken off, it should go down below $200 (I’m hoping to $170).
Just went to the Dell site to see if there were drivers for Mike’s computer. Luckily, there are drivers there, so later I will download and burn then to a CD (My floppy is busted for some reason) and hopefully, I can get Mike networked to my computer and to the DSL.
What else is on the agenda today? Def. will do some laundry. And then tonight, going to see Hugh Grant movie with Mary (if she can get off work early.)
Right now, I need to go get ready for the carpenter. They called me up and told me that there is a service charge for the carpenter coming over. Kinda pissed, but what can I do? **sigh** Oh well…
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