I am Joe’s Friday post…

Work is trotting along nicely. Only 3hrs. left and then I get to go test drive some cars. Planning on going to the Daewoo and Honda dealers today to test drive a Civic and a Daewoo Nubria. Am most likely going with a Civic, but I think that Mew has a Nubria and she loves it. Also thinks that Amanda’s Dad works for a Daewoo dealership, so if the test drive goes really well, maybe I can get a hook-up on it. Also want to test drive a Ford Focus and a Pontiac Vibe/Toyota Matrix (it’s the same car). There was a Martix outside my house the other night and it looks interesting. Not sure if I can afford it, but I plugged in the number into a calculator and it was in my price range.
This is so different from the first time I went looking for a car. Back then, I knew that I wanted to get a Metro. I knew that I didn’t have that muc money, and I wanted something that got good gas mileage. The only thing is that I wanted a convertible Metro, but settled for the little teal wonder that has lasted me for 10 years now.
Now, I really have no idea of what I want. I guess basicly, I want the same thing has before, a decent car that’s not too much with good gas mileage. I also want a little more power than the metro and it’s 3 hamsters provided. What else? Air conditionig is a def. req. A spoiler and a moonroof would be nice also.
Just replied to an ad on Craigslist for a kitchen table and chairs. Really don’t want to buy used stuff, but I have no money and Mike is trying to cut corners too, I think. Which leads me to believe that we will never have TV service. Not that big of a deal to me, since I have the internet and books to read. If I really need to watch T.V., I guess I could goto the rental office and watch T.V. in their rec room. Also got access to the gym so I can watch Buffy while walking the treadmill or something.
O.K. need to finish up work stuff here so I can get out of here
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