I am Joe’s desire to quit the moving business

So @ 8:30pm, I head back to school to pick up the van th help Mike move from his old place to our new place, which is 2 blocks away. I’m assuming that Mike doesn’t have much stuff and that it will be an easy move. Well, Mike has nothing packed. Nothing. O.K., there are some things in bags, but that’s it. It took me 1 1/2hours to move his stuff, and I mean that I did most of the moving. One thing that I had forgotten about Mike is that while he is not slow, he is very meticious in doing things. He thinks out everything and takes his time. That equates into him taking FOREVER to pack his dishes. Meanwhile, Joe is throwing shit into the back of the van, bookstore style (punt-kicking boxes marked fragile into the van). Anyway, Everything got moved by 11pm and I was just exhausted.
The place smelled of fresh paint, and I’m realizing how small the living room/dinning room is. It is def. enough room for the two of us, but parties here will have to be kept on the small side. I will start moving my stuff on Friday. Main thing to worry about is the DSL. Want to do a wireless network for all the computers. But I need something that is compatible with and Apple AirPort for Suzanne along with Mike’s and I PC’s. Need to head to Fry’s and to price stuff out.
What else? My new computer stuff. So I order I new power supply and case fans that are suppose to be quiet along with some rounded cables to help the airflow of my case. Spent 2 hours cleaning my entire case. Didn’t have any compressed air, so it’s still not that clean. Used Qtips mainly to clean stuff. Broke the faceplate off of my DVD drive trying to get the front cover of my case off. Lucky, I was able to fix it. My case in now alot cleaner now, but still thinking about bringing it in to get professionally clean. I am deathly afraid that I am going to fuck something up if I try it by myself, but I did just change the PSU out of the thing, so I should just get over my fear. Besides, if I fry my motherboard, that will just give me the excuse that I need to get a new one. Anyway, I hook all of this stuff up and plug it in and realize that I installed the case fans wrong (they are blowing air into the machine and not out of the machine). And while the power supply is much quieter, the case fans are just as loud. Very disppointed to say the least. Back to the drawing board, I guess.
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