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I am Joe’s Messy Room…

My room is such a mess right now. I wish that I had a web cam to show off how bad it is. **sigh** At least the game tomorrow doesn’t start until 1pm, not 12pm. Will be up for a couple more hours cleaning. Blah
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I am Joe’s Friday night break…

Well, you’re a slacker. Your greatest joy in life is sleeping, and you try to avoid doing work as much as possible. Others are envious of your talent for skating through life doing only half as much real, actual work as everyone else. You’re an expert at talking teachers or bosses out of reprimanding you for your apparent lack of effort. On the upside, you won’t have to worry about things like repetitive stress disorder or high blood pressure. Your life expectancy is probably pretty high due to this, not that you’ll actually accomplish anything, you damn leech.

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Taking a break from cleaning my room. Today, I was finally able to get my new bookcase up to my room (with Mike’s help) and I love it. It is filled up with all of my books. I almost need a second one; I will probably look around craigslist for one. Spent the last 30-45 min repacking my CD cases and putting the cover books back into the correct CD. So exciting, I know. But oddly enough, I feel pretty good.
Not sure why I am even posting right now. Having a major issue over whether I even want this journal anymore. I am just hung up on the whole censoring issue, as usual. Anyway, maybe later, I’ll go into a rant about it. Right now, I think that I will call Suzanne.
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The next thing I need

The next thing I need to do is to figure out how to network everything together so that Mike and Suzanne can get music files off of my computer. And then also Suzanne and I will be able to play Diablo II together
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I am Joe the technological demigod…..

I am typing this entry from my living room downstairs on serraph’s IBook while she is online on my computer upstairs. I can’t believe it was this easy to set up. I am way mucho cool.
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I am Joe’s College Diploma

Joseph L. Rogers – College Graduate
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I am Joe’s Countdown to the end of the world…

Well, the family is in town and the countdown has begun until commencement. Now, I am starting to get nervous. Still need to get an haircut. Thinking that I am going to go bald. Also need to clean my house again, even though no one is going to spend the night there. And I have to pack cause I think that I am going to stay Friday and Sat with the family @ their hotel. So much is going through my head; so many things I feel like I still need to do. AAARRGGGHHH..
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I am Joe’s Tired Thursday Night….

For some reason, I am just exhausted. Work was busy, but not that busy. Thinking about taking a nap and then later finishing stuff. Mainly sweep and mop my house. Mike said that he cleaned the bathroom, but I think that I might clean it again. Also waiting for the parents to call me to let me know that they are in town. I thought that they would be here by now, but maybe they caught a late flight. I am still mostly winging the plans for this weekend. I know that I am spending the night in Vacaville with them…I might spend Saturday night too since I am going to church with them on Sunday. Then I could spent Sunday night @ Suzanne’s. What else? Still not sure what we are doing after graduation. Planned on taking everybody out for lunch/dinner, but not sure where. Was thinking about Vallejo so that Suzanne’s grandmother and aunt could come, but Suzanne nixed that idea. Now thinking either a Chinese restaurant that our family used to go to in Vacaville, Tahoe Joe’s (Never been there), or maybe Cattlemen’s. Or maybe ClaimJumper’s. Or maybe somewhere fancy in the city. I don’t know. O. K. I think the best thing for me is to take a map.
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I am Joe’s Grumpy Thursday….

Mark is in one of his pissed off modes today. He is stressing big time because of his finals. I am planning on letting him go home early, but I need him here to help me out today cause Tim is gone. Not going to be a happy day here at the warehouse.
I’m sure that he is also pissed at me because I was late today. I SWEAR it wasn’t because of GTA3. Anyway, fuck him. **sigh** I hate being the boss sometimes. I’m sure that listening to Howard Stern isn’t helping my mood. If there is one person I would like to see dead, it’s Howard Stern
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I am Joe’s late night rantings….

– I am so pissed at missing the season finale of Buffy The Vampire Slayer. I tried to use the T. V. at the Park Merced Rec Center, but I couldn’t get it to work. And reading about it in the Buffy journals is just making me sad…
Went out with Angie tonight (before Buffy was on). She took me out to dinner and then bought me GTA3 for a birthday present. She also made me a lei to wear for graduation.
Confession. I have not finished all of the graduation announcements that I need to send out. I got the original 25 out, but there are at least 5-10 more that I need to do.
Talked to Suzanne tonight and we discussed me always cleaning my room. Basicly she stated something that I have stated before, that my room is a reflection of how I see my life, which is a huge mess. But instead of cleaning it up and finding permanent solutions, I tend to just move things around and to hide things. Not a good thing.
I don’t think that I posted anything about the Dave Matthews concert on Sat. I figure that you can pop over to Suzanne’s journal to get the review on that and see some pics. One thing that did happen is that I got pissed of at her. It is a well known fact that I am probably the only black person in the world with no rhythm. Anyway, I am bobbing to the music and Suzanne starts laughing at me and makes a crack about it. For some reason, it pissed me off more than it should. And I was kinda pissed at her for most of the concert. But come on, it’s Dave. How can you be mad with the love of your live at a Dave Matthews Band concert? **sigh** Just another up and down on the roller coaster of our relationship.
Still haven’t decided on a hairstyle for graduation…
I’ve started looking for accessories for my Focus….
I am trying to make myself cry by listening to sad songs. Not working too well though.
I need to goto sleep
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I am Joe’s LJ rant of the day…

So I am taking a break from work and reading other people’s journals and their firends list. and I come across a news post from . It turned out to be fake, but he has done something like this before and it pisses me off because when he does it, he claims that it is from Reuters News Service. I think that this is on the same level as yelling fire in a crowded building. I actually complained to LJ-Support the last time that he did it. The support person agreed that it was in bad taste, but would not do anything about it. Was thinking of reporting him to LJ-abuse, but not sure if they would do anything either. Not really sure why I am so riled up by this but I am.
Anyway, the countdown has begun until this weekend. I am so not ready for it. **sigh** Joe Rogers, college graduate; Who would have thunk it.
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