Daily Archives: April 30, 2002

I am Joe’s continued wierd feeling….

This has just been a generally wierd feeling day for me. It also seems like the day has dragged on forever. 15min and then I take off to make the last run to the store. I have to stop by the house to let Justin in so that he can change the fan. Curious thing is, he called me to let me know that he was going to get a rental car, but I could have sworn that the called ID said that the call came from my room.
Anyway, I need to meet Mike at 6:30 to sign the least for our new place, and then we are going to hammer out all of that good roommate stuff like chores and how loud can you bang your girlfriend in your room. **sigh** This box of graduation announcements needs my attention also. Maybe I’ll head to Barns & Noble or Starbucks and work on them there. Also need to bring some boxes home and start packing.
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Hmmm….I think Dr. Phil is on Oprah today.

Do You Know the Ten Laws of Life?
If you are capable of more than you are accomplishing; frustrated that you are not making more money; stuck in a rut and not getting what you want; bored with yourself; silently enduring an emotionally barren life of marriage; trudging, zombie-like, through a dead and unchallenging career; “just going through the motions” of your life with no passion, plan, and no goal; living in a comfort zone that yields little too little challenge and too little of what you do want, and too much of what you don’t want; living a lonely existence with little hope for change, then hold on!!!! Dr. Phil has identified the ten laws of life that every person needs to know. These laws are like the laws of gravity – they exist, and you don’t get a vote. Learn them, use them, and improve virtually every aspect of your life, from work to home to spiritual to physical. Ignore them and you’ll continue to pay the price.
Life Law #1: You either get it, or you don’t.
Life Law #2: You create your own experience.
Life Law #3: People do what works.
Life Law #4: You cannot change what you do not acknowledge.
Life Law #5: Life rewards action.
Life Law #6: There is no reality; only perception.
Life Law #7: Life is managed; it is not cured.
Life Law #8: We teach people how to teach us.
Life Law #9: There is power in forgiveness.
Life Law #10: You have to name it before you can claim it.
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I am Joe’s Mind Desperately trying to claw his wayout of what’s comming up next….

Ten Most Dangerous Relationship Myths (has outlined by Dr. Phil McGraw)
If you believe any of the following myths, it could destroy even the most healthy relationship.
Myth #1: A Great Relationship Depends on a Great Meeting of the Minds
Myth #2: A Great Relationship Demands a Great Romance
Myth #3: A Great Relationship Requires Great Problem-Solving
Myth #4: A Great Relationship Requires Common Interests that Bond You Together Forever
Myth #5: A Great Relationship Is a Peaceful One
Myth #6: A Great Relationship Lets You Vent All Your Feelings
Myth #7: A Great Relationship Has Nothing to Do with Sex
Myth #8: A Great Relationship Cannot Survive a Flawed Partner
Myth #9: There is a Right Way and a Wrong Way to Make Your Relationship Great
Myth #10: Your Relationship Can Only Become Great When You Get Your Partner Straightened Out
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I am Joe’s wierd ass dream….

So I was in this hotel, kinda like the lobby of the TV station in New York that Angelina Jolie was in after her big interview in the movie Life, Or Something Like That. I walking down this hallway and the next thing I know, I am the bodyguard/assistant for Danny Devito (sp?) I follow him to the mens room and he goes into a stall and I stand by the door. In one of the stalls, I can see Jamie Foxx taking a crap, reading Variety magazine. Then from a stall to my left this naked couple comes out and the guy is just hold this girl and fucking the brains out of her against the wall. All that I realy remember is that she was a redhead and had a really nice set of breasts. So Mr. Devito comes out and we go walking along the hall and we get to this gym area. All of the sudden, the police show up and start busting everybody for having cocaine. I start to walk away and one of the police stops me and tells me to hand it over. They want me to hand over this green rubber ball thing, but I give it to my friend, Angie. Angie and I start to walk/fly past the hotel, pass the swimming pool and batting cages when I see some kids next to a freeway. I ask Angie about them and she tells me something, but I can’t remeber what. All I know is that it segwayed into us singing Every Rose Has It Thorn by Poison has we flew over Solano county. Then I woke up.
The moral of this story….The fumes from the incense, pot, and burning electrical is finally getting to me.
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I am Joe’s Random thought….

I wonder if I am being selfish in my relationship with Suzanne. I mean if I truly loved Suzanne, wouldn’t I want to change whatever about myself that she wanted me to change. Isn’t sacrafice the ultimate proof of love that one can make. I have changed some things about myself and have given up some important things just for her. If I really loved her, it should be so easy for me to give myself up to her and let her mold me into whatever she wants to. It should be easy, but for me it seems so hard to do. Why is it so hard for me to do this? Why can’t I just give myself up completely to her?
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