I am Joe’s Monday morning….

So Saturday with the gift girls went well. Didn’t get everything in their department counted, just the clothes. But that enough to get the job done, cause the counts on the clothes were all messed up. Anyway, I still need to finish making corrections in the computer. However, Mark called in sick, so I am working solo and am not sure if I will be able to get the job done today.
So after inventory, went to Golden Gate park to try to hunt for Jason and his new girlfriend (not sure if they are going steady or not. I’m over by 3Com ballpark and instead of going around the city to get to the park, I decided to go through the city. OMG. There are so many different parts of the city that I have never seen. I swear, one day when I get my new car, I am just going to take my camera and just drive around the city taking pictures of houses and views of the city. I went through the Missio, to Noe Valley and Laguna Seca (sp?), Twin Peaks, and another neighborhood (I can’t remember the name right now) Anyway, the ole Metro really took some punishment on some of the hills. **sigh** my poor baby, I really need to get a new car. 🙁
So after going to the park and not finding Jason, I went home to drop off my car and took BART to see the girlfriend. We were going to go out to dinner @ Red Lobster cause they have this really good Apple Caramel dessert, but it was took busy, so we settled for TransWorld Burger. Afterward, we went back to her house and while she was working on pics that she had taken (She had gone up to Modesto for a photo shoot with Geekgrrl and Princezznono), her sister and i were killing massive ammounts of brain cells by watching Cops on Fox.
Sunday, Suzanne took me to see Lord of the Rings again. Not that I don’t think that LOTR is a bad movie (I LOVE IT), but I wanted to see something new. We couldn’t agree on anything else, and I’m glad that we did see LOTR cause they had a preview for The Two Towers. Suzanne totally geeked out in her seat. Can’t wait until Xmas time.
So after the movie, we went to pick up her sister from work and went to see our second movie of the day, Life, Or Something Like It. The movie was O.K., I’m glad that we saw it matinee instead of full price. After the movie we went ot Red Lobster for dinner and didn’t get our dessert. **sigh** I knew that I should have skipped the appetizers and dinner and went straight to dessert.
So that was weekend in a nutshell. There are a couple of topics that I want to go off on, but since I am alone here at work I will have to wait until later to write about them.
O.K. work is never going to get done if I stay here writing on LJ
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