Daily Archives: April 25, 2002

I am Joe’s reluctant return to Live journal….

I tried to get out, but it pulled me back in….
Like I could completely get live journal out of my system. Ha!
Anyway, I am my soon to be old place trying to vent out the marijuana coming from my vent via Justin’s room before it gets too strong.
Need to call Michael tomorrow to finalize everything and to find out when we sign the lease for Park Merced. Then I can get the ball rolling. I hoping that Justin will cut my rent in half so that I can leave early, but I know that is wishful thinking. So I will just move out slowly. I’m also hoping that Justin doesn’t freak out about it, but that too is wishful thinking. Oh well.
I took off of work early today. I was just so tired today. I’m sure some of it is because of Evercrack. I need to uninstall it and cancel my account. But I didn’t play that much yesterday. Spent most of the night on Hwy 1 looking at the ocean and thinking about life. Yes, that’s how I spent my birthday. Pretty low key, which is was I wanted.
Hmm, I should call Suzanne before Friends comes on…
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President Bush…

Sometimes it’s just amazing that our country is led bythis man…
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My first private post

I just wanted to wish you happy 26th birthday…(or something like that)
**sigh** my own girlfriend doesn’t know how old I am. At least she knew when my birthday is. Unlike my parents.
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