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Joseph’s Sun Sign is Taurus …
Joseph, your sign is that of earthy Taurus, the second sign of the zodiac, the sign characterized by endurance and sensuality. Taurus is also associated with material goods.
Venus, the planet of love and beauty, is your ruler, and makes you a very warm and faithful person. For the most part, Joseph, you are even-tempered and show a great capacity for affection, as well as an appreciation for beauty and art. You are loyal and reliable. You keep your promises.
As the first of the three earth signs, you are realistic, patient, and persistent. You are the most grounded sign of the zodiac, preferring to put down roots and aiming for stability.
Comfort, even luxury, is very precious to you, Joseph. And indeed, you rule the second house, the sector of the horoscope that encompasses money and possessions. This house describes your value systems, including the value of oneself.
You are a fixed sign, Joseph, meaning you enjoy responsibility and taking charge. However, you are not a doer – you are a delegator! Like every genuine Taurus, it may take you longer to get involved with something, but once you do, you don’t want to stop. You are more passive than active, and prefer to have the world move around you while you sit still and direct.
Your strengths lie in your decision-making abilities, Joseph; you don’t make snap judgments or jump to conclusions. You engage in careful consideration, as hastiness and impulsive actions do not appear in your script. In your relationships, you are fully committed and faithful, and you seek harmony and inner peace.
But you have a few weaknesses, too, Joseph. One trap you may fall into is that of obstinacy and self-righteousness. Due to your firm beliefs, you are deaf to any kind of criticism. This inflexibility can cause you to resist change and procrastinate. You run the risk of becoming lazy, overindulgent, or convinced of your own infallibility.
Your Rising Sign is Aries …
As an Aries Rising, Joseph, you face the world with intense energy and primal power. You always look to go beyond your own limits and outdo yourself with every step. With each challenge, you learn more about yourself, and gain additional confidence to go even farther on your next adventure. Your incredible decisiveness enables you to act on your ideas the minute you form them. You don’t have time to waste! You are very competitive and have a strong urge to excel in whatever you do, and you continually prove your power through action.
The downside is that you can be quite impulsive, Joseph, and often make decisions too hastily for your own good. Once you’ve made a decision, it’s difficult for you to go back and reconsider, because you only know how to move in one direction in life, and that is straight ahead.
It’s no easy task to make someone like you back down. This irreversible strength you have inside allows you to thrive in some of the most powerful and influential positions in the business world, the ones in which the important decisions are made. If you have stopped climbing, it’s probably because you’ve already reached the top. It’s as simple as that!
Since you are extremely ambitious and outgoing, Joseph, you don’t quail at social climbing in order to make your dreams come true. Once in a while, you may even inadvertently step on some people who get in your way, as the ideal you quest for can blind you to the effect of your actions on others. However, Joseph, you don’t hesitate to recognize and reward those people who have helped you on your way up, because you are an honest and fair player.
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