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Suzanne thinks I’m a sellout

Suzanne thinks I’m a sellout for reading Harry Potter and seeing the movie. But I have to admit, the books and the movie were well done. So 😛
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Trying to figure out early rent prices if I move to Park Merced

2 Bedrooms @ Park Merced start @ 1600/month
Master Bedroom = $900
2nd bedroom = $700
This is assuming that this is a townhouse and not the towers.
The tower apartments master bedroom is about the same size as the 2nd room
Then it would be either $800 split or $850/$750
3 Bedrooms @ Park Merced start @ $2350/month
Master Bedroom = $950
other 2 rooms = $700ea
or maybe master bed = $850
other two rooms = $750
**sigh** I should think too much ahead. Need to worry about clearing the junk off of my bed so I can finish reading my Harry Potter book
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I am Joe’s Printing Service…

Spent the last hour printing out envelopes for graduation announcements. Still not sure if I am graduating or not; according to the web site, I am still applied, not accepted. But has Suzannesaid, “Just send the announcements, no one will ever know if you get the diploma or not.” So the first 25 announcements are done. I am still waiting for the 10 extra that I bought and I might have to buy 10 more if I go through my plan to send announcements to teachers that I hated over the years. Hmmm. Will have to think about that…
Went online and found out some useful information at my living situation. I guess it is legal for me to live here without a written lease. Also, he has to give me notice before evicting me, so I don’t have to worry about being kicked out overnight. One thing of interest is with the security deposit. I originally paid the first months rent and a $1000 deposit/fee thing for Justin. Am wondering if I can get some of that back. Even half of that would be great. Will have to find someone with a bit of law knowledge.
So Michael Greenberg calls me up at work, which is cool cause I had lost his number. He needs to move out by the end of May so it will be perfect. It will be great breaking the news to Justin; Gawd, I can see him overreacting about it and yelling at me now. **sigh** Wonder when I should hit him with the 30-day notice. Probably at the end of the month. Hopefully Mike can get something either at Park Merced or at the new Ocean View Village. Michael is a good guy; loves Dave Matthews as much if not more than Suzanne. If being sick and tired of hearing Dave Matthews all day long the worse problem I have with Mike, it will be paradise. I wonder if our other old roommate, Randy is looking. Should try giving him a call.
Watching Tin Cup on T. V. with Kevin Costner and Renee Russo. I’ve been wanting to see this movie for a long time and I’m glad I did. It was a pretty good movie, esp. for one starring Costner. But I love Renee Russo. I think I would want her to play Suzanne in the movie of my life; I see a lot of similarities in the both of them for some reason.
Speaking of the girlfriend, I saw her pictures with her pink wig. Didn’t really like them too much, and I told her as much. Yesterday was kinda of weird talking on the phone; not really fighting, but not really agreeing with each other on things. Tonight was more of a rant night for her cause she had a major test in Electrician class. Hopefully, she will get her taxes done in time. She’s trying to use TurboTax online with AOHell and it keeps crapping out on her. I wonder if there is a dial-up number she can use with PacBell.
Anyway, my throat is asking for some Hot Green Tea w/ Honey before we sleep. Tomorrow is a busy day for me with a Managers meeting @ 10 a.m. Heehee, I get to sleep in. Yay! Also need to start writing letters and notes to go with these graduation announcements.
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I am a shining light in Joe’s future…

Just finished talking to former roommate, Michael Greenberg. Looks like we are seriously looking for a new place to live. YAY!!!!
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I am Joe battling his cold…

The battle against this latest cold infection is hopefully entering it’s final stages. I found my Tylenol Cold/Non Drowsy, which is not quite working cause I am feeling a little woosy right now. No operating large equipment for me today. Hope I can get rid of this cold completely by this weekend.
Work continues to be slow. Sent Tim home early, and I am here waiting for UPS to come. I have a bit of paperwork that I need to work on.
Tonight, I will work on my graduation announcement and getting addresses on them. Will def. have to cut my list down since they didn’t ship all of the announcements that I asked for.
Birthday is coming up, but with the whole having to look for a new place hovering in the air, not really in the mood to celebrate. Can’t wait to I get paid so that I can pay bills and mail off birthda presents to friends.
I am in such a vampire mood. I want to grab someone and just bite them in the neck and suck out their blood in the hopes that I can suck out their blood and energy, so I’ll stop feeling so listless.
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