Daily Archives: April 6, 2002

I am Joe’s Saturday Morning…

Just finish an experiment with the girlfriendinvolving us playing Diablo II with me on the DSL and her on AOL. Less than spectacular results, esp. with someone IMing her while we were playing. So sometime this week, I need to look for the extra network card and install it on my computer. Hopefully that will work better.
Today, we are headed off to the Cartoon Museumto take a look at the Calvin ANd Hobbes Display. The last time I went to the cartoon museum, was Vacaville H.S. Prom of 1993 when I went with Kathy Libal. Now that is an event with a lot of stories. Anyway, Kathy and I ended up at the museum about 30 min before it closed. It was a very cool experience.
O. K. the girlfriend is done checking LJ on Matthew (her IBook) and now she is yelling at me to get dressed. She is asking nicely, not yelling. She is also not assaulting me trying to get me to get ready. Not that I mind. Heh heh. O. K. Off I go….
Current mood: giggly
Current music: the radio…