Daily Archives: April 1, 2002

This is Joe going out.

Still haven’t cleaned the floor like I said I would do. Instead, I am going downtown to the public library to get me some book. Hey you, call me or text message me when you get home.
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I am Joe’s April Fools Joke…

So I get up and go to work and realize that we have today off (it’s Caesar Chavez Day in San Francisco). So I am back home, grogginess and all. I could go and surprise Suzanne at Great America (she is there with her sisters and her brother), but I have no money. It’s sad cause I just got paid three days ago. Anyway, I have stuff that I should take care of here at home (mostly cleaning).
Easter weekend was good. I want to say more, but it probably for the best that I censor myself; both good and bad. But then it brings back the point of what is the point of a journal if you have to censor yourself. Something to ponder on while I watch Bob Barker and his beauties.
Also been inspired to try to work on my web site. except that I forgot what the password was. This is gonna be a great day, I just know it.
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Crack kills; even EverCrack

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