Daily Archives: March 29, 2002

This is Joe about ready to throw his computer out the window…

I hate Diablo II. hate it. So there I am, just playing around, killing evil, saving the world and all of that, when I’m in a tomb and I get killed by this unique monster. No big deal, just go back get the body and finish killing him. 3 more tries later, I get the deed done. You would think that I would have quit at this point, but no. Joe goes on into the dungeon where he meets up with Ancient Kaa The Soulless who just opens up a case of whoop-*ss on our hero.
I eventually beat him, but it took a sh*tload of money and potions to do so.
In other news went to lunch with Suzanne and princezznono and her friend (who’s name escapes me, I think it was David.) She was pretty cool, I guess she use to live in Vallejo and now she works in S.F. Her and Suzanne did most of the talking. I don’t know, Live journal is more just for me that for other people. another difference between Suzanne and I. She is always up to meeting people on Live journal. Me, it’s not really my thing. Not that the people on live journal aren’t nice or anything, I just don’t have the urge to meet anyone. I am such a loner.
Poop. It is starting to get foggy and cold. Only a couple of hours until we are off to the ball game. Suzanne was playing on her IBook, working on pictures and her web site. I should be doing the same, except that I have no motivation too and besides, I need to pee real bad. Off I go….
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I am Joe LMAO

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Doughnut trail leads cops to thief

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This is Joe’s confused look

So we are going to McDonalds in an 1/2 hour or so to meet Suzanne’s friend and her co-workers (I’m assuming from Live journal) and here she is chowing down on my Girl Scout Ice Cream.
“I’m hungry” she says.
Hmmm. All righty then.
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I am Joe after a Giant’s Game

Giants game was great; seats in the Club level. Way kwel.
Went out with Jason, Eric, and Crystal to the Metreion afterwards. They played DDR while I kicked ass on Tekken 4.
Am home now with my girlfriend in bed, typing on her IBook, Matthew (yes, she named her IBook). Just finish updating the damn thing. I guess I should goto bed. Not really tired, but since the girlfriend is here, I have duties to perform.
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