I am wondering what the hell is Joe doing here…

I do not want to be at work today. It is spring break and I should be on the beach somewhere with a beer bong or a tequila shot or something. Why isn’t there a Spring Break in real life? Almost makes me want to go back to school again.
Well, Oscars were O.K.; long; as usual. I am happy that Denzel and Halle won their Oscars. Can only hope that in the future, we will see even more ethnicy at the Oscars. The one thing that seemed to be lacking was good taste in dresses. Was it me, or was this a truly horrible year for the women. I’ll have to hop over to the E! website and see all of the dresses before final judgement, but what in the hell was Gwynith Paltrow wearing and why hasn’t she taken off her makeup from the Royal Tenabaums yet.
Other exciting thing this weekend is that I found out that girlfriend has little patience by watching her bang away at her new IBook. Yes, I am somewhat jealous of her. The plan is for her to bring t to my place this weekend so we can use my DSL connection to download stuff. We are also going to try to set it up so that we can play Diablo II together. Aren’t we just the cutest.
**sigh** The store keeps calling me about paperwork. I guess I should start working.
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