Daily Archives: March 21, 2002

I am Joe semi sense of accomplishment…

Finally fixed my e-mail. Now I should be able to get mail @tygreyes.com. Still no web site though. Poop.
My review went well, Just a couple of minor things that I have to handle. Overall boss is very impressed though. Small pay raise, which kinda sucks, but I’m not too worried about it right now.
I have a very naughty picture of Alyson Hannigan on my desktop. **deep breath**
Am enjoying my new phone. I just wish that I had the cable to connect it to my computer so that I could download new music and pictures.
Plan this weekend is to jaunt up to Suzanne’s after work. I have little money, but I don’t think we are doing anything special. Her brother is coming home on Sat. Oh yeah, her family finally got the new couches. But since the Larson family reunion is next week, I can get the futon until after. No problem. I have big plans for that futon.
India.Arie CD was def a good choice. Now that I’ve heard the entire CD, I’m kinda bummed that it didn’t win any Grammys. It seemed that there was a lot of good music from different genres this year. Alicia Keys, India.Arie, the O Brother Where Art Thou soundtrack, Missy Elliot; All good stuff.
Anyway, I should hit the sack…
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I am Joe groovin at work….

Listening to India.Arie CD which I just got. It is a good CD so far; very relaxing and mellow. It’s soulful, something that I am realizing that I am lacking in my CD collection. Will def. have to add this to my Nomad Jukebox.
I am the only one here at work today, so of course the gift dept. decides to fax shitloads of orders to the warehouse. Blah. And I still have my review with Brian later today. **shiver** I hope it goes O.K.
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