Daily Archives: March 20, 2002

Girlfriend called me and now

Girlfriend called me and now I can dream sweet dreams…
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I am Joe’s rant about Yahoo….

That is it. I am so fed up with yahoo. Besides the fact that the mail account is all spammed out and yahoo filters are useless. I think I am ready to just delete my account. If I need an emergency e-mail acct, then I will just use my hotmail acct.
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I am Joe’s review of Final Fantasy:The Spirits Within…

O. K. Def. not Ming-Na’s best acting role, voice or otherwise. And the story def. could have used some work. But I guess that the point of the movie was to see if Square could make you belive that the characters were real. For me, the answer has to be sometimes. There were a lot of scenes that you just knew were computer generated. But every now and then through the movie, I was questing myself over if what I was seeing was real or not. It was so real and life like.
I think it was an good effort from Square soft. The thing is, it’s all about the story, not the effects. Look at Final Fantasy VII; The graphics were great (when it came out ages ago) When you summoned a creature to help you; those scenes kicked ass. But even better than that was the story and how it played out. OMG, I remember my jaw dropping at the end of the first disc when Sephiroth swoops down and kills Areis.
So what else is going on. Somebody is burning incense. Blah. Also Justin was ranting earlier tonight. At first I thought it was cause I cooked in the kitchen tonight. But, when I went out, he was being friendly to me. Anyway, the kitchen was clean, so I would have put him in his place if he would have said anything.
Tried to get the Grad Pack, but not enough money. Sigh, I spend money way too much. Will have to figure out a plan of some kind. Maybe I’ll just get the announcements for right now and get the diploma frame later.
I miss my girlfriend…
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I am Joe laughing at the radio…

They are playing clips of “The Osbournes”, and it is hilarious. I am def. going to have to catch it on MTV. Will have to have the close captioning on to understand what Ozzy is saying.
Am pretty much finish counting supply stuff and straightening the inventory out. There are still a shitload of things to fix, but the majority is done. Now starting on the gift section. May God have mercy on my soul.
Tim is off to Phoenix to watch some Giants baseball. Bastard. So tomorrow, I am all alone. hopefully, it won’t be too busy.
Leaving work a bit early to goto the store to pay for my grad pack. Tonight will be all about updating the address book and letting people know my new email and cell numbers. Fun. Will also watch Final Fantasy tonight.
I am just a party and then some. **rolling my eyes**
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This is the first of Joe’s Financial Aide Bills

This one isn’t that bad, only $40/month. It’s the big boys that I am worried about. I was expecting to pay $200/month, but my friend says that her’s is $300/month. That’s going to suck esp. if I have to start paying car payments too. **sigh** I best make an appointment soon with Financial aide and get ecerything started.
Welcome to the real world, I guess.
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I am Joe’s Cold hands….

Gawd, it is a nice day outside and I am cold as hell. Anyway, I feel pretty good considering that I am cold, I got little sleep cause Justin decided to clean his room or something last night after midnight, and I am very hungry. I really wanted to goto Bayside Cafe for breakfast, but I really need to save money. So, I guess I will heat up my lunch (seasoned rice) and eat now.
Went to the new Target @ Serramonte mall last night. It is so crazy; there are 3 Targets within a 3 mile radius. 2 of them are just across the freeway from each other. I wish that they would have put in a Wal-Mart instead. Maybe once Kmart closes, they will open a Walmart there. Anyway, I did good in not spending money on things that I don’t really need. O.K., so I did buy some silk Tony the Tiger boxers. I will have to take a picture and post it on LJUndies.
Well, lunch is ready.
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