Daily Archives: March 19, 2002

I am Joe’s Dedication to work…

Tim and I finished our 3hr defensive driving class. Yay us. Anyway, Tim went home and I came back here just in case something needed my attention. So here I am, hardly doing any work, instead daydreaming and thinking of stuff that needs to be done.
Foremost is the Grad Announcements. I have a list of 52 friends, enemies, lovers, and teachers compiled. Will have to work on list, cutting some people and adding in others. Def. will have to finish tonight so that I can order them this week. I’m not invitiing all of these people to my graduation, I just want to announce my graduation to them. Not sure what the protocol is.
Alot of my friends never graduated from college. For some, it was personal problems, and other just seemed not cut out to attend college. Not that this is a bad thing, since all are doing fine without a college degree and making way more money than I am. Sometimes, I just wonder if all of this was worth it; if I should have just given up on getting a degree. Will this degree in history make a difference in my life. And then, there is the ever looming question of “What Now?”
Anyway, it is almost 5pm and my dedication to work foes only so far.
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