I am Joe’s boredom at work…

So I’m bored at work, even though there is stuff for me to do. It’s just that I am cold here and I am waiting for Mark to come back with In-n-Out. So I am poking around, entering random shit into google and seeing what it spits out. So I enter Justin’s (my house mgr/ house mate) email address and this comes up:
Son/Houseboy seeks Generous Dad for Friendship/LTR. HAHAHAHAHA That explains ALOT of things about him.
Hi Men,
I am 25, 6ft tall #180lbs 32wst Brown Hair Hazel Eyes Gay White Boy, 7″cut, Bubblbutt 180lbs, 32wst. I think you better put down that pipe and keep stomping on that treadmill.
Bwaaaahahahahahaha!!!!! This is too funny. I better get back to work.
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