I am Joe’s Alcoholic tendencies….

Have been reading and drinking water, which is good. But for the last 15-30 min, have been thinking of fixing myself a drink, probably raspberry Puckers and either white grape or strawberry juice. I really want something harder, like a coke flavored rum, but Puckers and Midori is all I got. Well that’s not true, I do have the chocolate cherry liqueur which is 50 proof. But I try to use that only for cooking.
Anyway, the biggest thing is if I want to go out and have to associate with Justin. That sounds bad and it is bad, but I know that he is going to get me riled up if I have to talk to him. Either that, or I will bust out laughing thinking about his “houseboy” pics.
Well, at least I got to talk to my girlfriend, got some reading done, and cleaned up some of my paperwork. What I really need to do is to make a list of people that I need to send grad announcements too. I need to get them ordered, with the limited funds that I have. **sigh** I really need to give my check card to Suzanne to hold for me. Can’t believe that I spent so much money. And I still have little in my savings acct. Poop. Hmm a good poop does make things better. Off I go…
Current mood: accomplished
Current music: Noisy computer fan