Daily Archives: March 17, 2002

I am Joe’s broken license plate

So I hear this car starting up and I just happen to take a look outside and I notice that my front license is hanging on one screw.
So I go out and check and this older Filipino couple is trying to leave in their Mercedes. They got scared when I came back out with a pen and paper to take their license plate number. The guy got out a flashlight for me to take a look at it. I told them it was all right and let them go cause I pretty sure it was the Mexicans who parked in front of me earlier that hit my car. It didn’t look like there was any damage, but it was dark and too cold for me to really stay outside. Hopefully, it is just that the screw came off and there is no other damage. I hope.
**Goes back to adding phone numbers into new cell phone**
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I am Joe’s Midori Drink

Highlights of today include getting a new cell phone from MLife a.k.a. AT&T Wireless. I got this phone first, but went back and traded it in for this phone. The new phone is still charging, but I hope that the sound quality is better. So once it is charged up, I can enter my phone book and let everybody know my new phone number.
Also plotting on finally getting web space here at Dreamhost. Am trying to hold out until I actually have a web page desinged and stuff, but I really need a new email address. My Yahoo account is overrun with spam.
It’s St. Pat’s Day and I should be getting ready to go out drinking with Mew somewhere. I guess that tradition is over now that she is down in SoCal. **sigh** I really will miss Mew. I know, it’s not that long of a trip to visit her down south. But it was an easier trip to go up to Sacramento to see her.
Justin is home stomping around. I don’t think that I will understand or every be good friends with him. He is just too gay conceeded. I’ve tried talking to him and being friendly to him, but it’s just all about him. Oh well, I tried.
**sigh** Too many thoughts swirling in my head, not sure which ones should stay in my head, and which I should release onto my journal. For the moment, I guess they will all stay locked up in my head.
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I am Joe’s Dream

I was in this house with Suzanne. I guess it was our house; a one story house with a huge backyard, kinda like he house that I used to live in at Petersburg Virginia. There are a whole bunch of people there and there is this noise outside. So I go out to the side of the house and there is this bush/Shrub on the side of the house. There is something wrong with it, so Suzanne comes out and we start trimming it with some regular scissors. We trim the sides and the roots and everything so it look kinda like a penis. Suzanne’s Dad comes over on a tractor/lawn mower to help, but we are already done. SO he starts hinting that he need a new tractor and stuff. Suzanne’s Mom and sister Kimberly, come over and hears this. They start rolling their eyes at Suzanne’s Dad, and they tell us that they will finish it (the trimming/pruning?) on Monday. So then my side of the family start to show up coming around the side of the house. I guess my grandfather is sick and there is something wrong with his foot, cause people are helping him and he is walking slowly with a crutch. He has on two different pairs of shoes on; one is a burgundy dress shoe, and the other looks like a black steel toe shoe. So I go up to give him a hug and I start crying. He asks me what’s wrong and I can’t speak or anything, I’m just crying. He asks me again and all I can say is “Grandpa, I’m graduating. After all this time, I’m actually graduating.”
Then I woke up, with tears running down my face.
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