I am Joe’s hunger…

Working a little late at work tonight, but am about ready to leave. Am very hungry and thinking about being bad and getting fast food. I would cook, but this morning, Justin almost got into a tissy (actually, he did) cause there was frosting on one of the kitchen towels. I don’t remember wiping any frosting yesterday and it could have been Suzanne. But he was ready to dig into his dirty clothes to get the towel to prove it to me. So I just was to stay out of the kitchen for a day or two so I don’t have to deal with him. Gawd, it is so like living with my mom again. I’m glad that the only room we share is the kitchen. The though of moving pops into my head again. There are a couple of 1 br apts right down the street from me. And they also are finish building an apt complex with an Albertsons right next to the Daly City BART. I wonder if I should check them out.
Anyway, I am hungry. I think I am going to suffer and goto Mc.Donalds tonight. Or maybe I should play it safe and goto Togo’s or Subway.
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