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Damn it, where is my

Damn it, where is my girlfriend?
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I am Joe’s Hungry Stomach…

Watching Bjork Unplugged on Media Player. She is such a kick ass performer. I really need to watch A Dance in the Dark.
Just called the girlfriend, and she has already eaten and will soon be on her way here to spend the weekend. So with my room cleaned, that leaves me with deciding on what I want to eat for dinner tonight. I’m thinking Boston Market; I went to one a long time ago in Vacaville, but I don’t think that the food was good. But I have coupons that expire this weekend, so I think that I will use them and try the place one more time.
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I am Joe’s Pampered Skin…

Here resting in my nice and clean room waiting for Suzanne to come over or to call me. I figure that I should talk about our Valentine’s Day trip to St. Helena for some rest and relaxation.

So it started three weeks before Valentines Day, when I told Suzanne that I wasn’t going to plan V-Day and that she was. She was not very happy about it since she doesn’t like to plan things. Has V-Day got closer, I was gearing up for a night of DVD’s and Taco Bell. Not that there is anything wrong with that, mind you. But two days before the weekend, Suzanne surprises me with reservations at the White Sulfur Springs Spa and Inn in St. Helena. And so I had to make the spa reservations. Two days before V-Day weekend, I’m expecting nothing available. And at the White Sulfur Springs, they were all booked up. But luckily, at theHealth Spa Napa Valley, they had some spots open.
So Sat of that weekend, we drive up to St. Helena. The White Sulfur Springs is a couple of miles outside of the town on a 1-lane road. The inn is a collections of an inn and some cottages next to a stream. I guess their main attraction is their natural sulfur springs that they have. We didn’t get a chance to go into the springs, but our room got upgraded from a small cottage to a larger cottage. Two queen beds and a futon, full kitchen and bath. There is no phone or television or radio in these cottages. But on this weekend, we had other ways to entertain ourselves.
So after entertaining ourselves for an hour or two, we made our way back to town to go to the spa. We get to the spa and there are candles lit all over the place. I’m thinking that it’s to enhance the mood, but in reality, the power was out in half of the building. So they give us our robes and show us where to change at. So I’m changing and trying to figure out how much of my clothes do I take off. We went to a spa a couple of years ago, but I forgot how far I went then. So slying watching the other guy, I strip down to my undies and go out and sit with Suzanne to wait for our appointments. I eventually asked someone about the whole clothes issue. So while we were waiting, I had some champagne and Suzanne had some cool cucumber water (which was really good).
So our therapists came and took us away for our facials. OMG, my face has never felt so clean. A custom treatment using individually selected products that includes deep cleansing, steaming, a facial massage and masque, toning and moisturizing. It also included a neck and foot massage that felt so good. After an hour of that, we went into another room for our Salt Glows. Natural salts create a stimulating exfoliation which improves circulation. The moisturizing lotion application that follows results in smooth, glowing skin. Has Suzanne said, “my body hasn’t been this clean and soft since I was born.” (granted, when you are born, you come out all bloody and stuff.) I didn’t realize that my skin could feel so smooth and soft. When I got back, I was afraid to take a shower, cause I didn’t want the feeling to go away. Those two hours were some of the best two hours that I have had in my life, and it def. showed in the tip that I left. (On a side note, we probably ruined any benefits of a facial by going to A&W for a late dinner, but oh well)
So the next day we took off and stopped at the Napa Outlet Stores. The Napa Stores are inbetween the Vacaville and the St. Helena Outlets. Vacavillehas alot of outlets, like 100-150 I think. But the quality of the outlets is the lowest of the three. The St. Helena Outlets are the most ritzy, with Brooks Brothers and Donna Karan. So the Napa Outlets are inbetween in size and quality. At the bookstore outlet, we found these three books on Mandy Moore, Christina Aguilera, and Brittney Spears. OMG, I wish that we would have bought these books so that I could have scanned some of these pictures. Mandy had the same scary smile on her face regardless of the pose. And she basicly had two poses, the “I’m a good girl” pose, and the “I’m trying to be naughty like Christina and Britney” pose. Then there was Christina, who was bad in most of her pics, but she had some good pics. But the best/worst pic had to be the first pic in the Britney book. OMG. Words JUST CAN’T describe. Damn, I wish we would have gotten that book. So after that, we went walking around. I couldn’t find anything I wanted, but in the Wilson Outlet, Suzanne found a suede jacket that she has been looking for a long time now. Of course she had to grab it up.
So after that, we headed to Vallejo and went to Rasputins. I grabed Moby’s Animal Rights, a tribute CD to Madonna, and Renaissance Ibiza mixed by Deep Dish. The Moby CD is different from his other work, but I really need to listen to it again before I make a final judgement. The Madonna tribute is O.K., I guess. It def. wasn’t was I was expecting. And the Ibiza CD I listened to before (I think Casey had a copy when I was living at the Village.) It was kinda disapointing thought. Anyway, after that, we headed to the Vallejo Library and sat in Suzanne’s car in the parking lot taking silly pictures for a couple of hours; you can see the results in our new user pics. Then we headed to her Grandmother’s house for dinner with the rest of the family.
Overall, it was a great weekend for the two of us. If anybody needs to get away for a mini break, I strongly suggest going to the Napa Valley or Calistoga for the weekend of pampering and fun.
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I am Joe’s Sick Leave….

So I wake up today feeling really sick, like I can’t even move out of the bed and stuff. And I am just laying in my bed, dreading going to work feeling like this. Then it dawns on me, I am salary now; I get sick days to use. And I have health insurance, if I really feel like a baby, I can go to Kaiser and see a doctor. So I called in and took some Nyquil and slept for awhile. I still feel kinda sick, but I have to get some things done, like laundry. And I should call Suzanne to see what she wants to eat for dinner tonight. We’ll probably have to go to Safeway when she gets here.
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